Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coming distractions on TCM: June 2010

As I mentioned yesterday, TCM has their tentative June 2010 up for your perusal—so let’s take a look at some of the highlights (re: birthdays) for the month:

Tuesday, June 1 – TCM will kick off a four-film birthday tribute to Marilyn Monroe beginning at 7:00am with Right Cross (1950), and then follow that with The Asphalt Jungle (1950; 8:45am), Clash by Night (1952; 10:45am) and Some Like It Hot (1959; 1pm). (Monroe made the majority of her films at 20th Century-Fox, which is why the pickings are kind of slim here.) Hot then acts as a jumping-off point for a mini-tribute to George Raft and Pat O’Brien (don’t ask me why—neither of their birthdays are June 1) with showings of A Dangerous Profession (1950; 3:15pm), Johnny Angel (1945; 4:45pm) and Angels with Dirty Faces (1938; 6:15pm).
Wednesday, June 2 – It’s no secret that director John Huston is revered here at TDOY, and TCM pays him a nice accolade with a mixture of both familiar and unfamiliar films that starts off at 8pm with his final film, The Dead (1987). The African Queen (1951; 9:30pm), Across the Pacific (1942; 11:30pm), We Were Strangers (1949; 1:15a), In This Our Life (1942; 3:15a) and Sinful Davey (1968; 5am) follow.

Thursday, June 3 – Paulette Goddard is the birthday girl, and she’s feted with showings of Second Chorus (1940; 7am), Pot o' Gold (1941; 8:30am), Charge of the Lancers (1953; 10am), Paris Model (1953; 11:30am) and Vice Squad (1953; 1pm). Unfortunately, Paulette has to share this day with birthday boy Tony Curtis, who turns up in Beachhead (1954; 3:15pm) and Operation Petticoat (1959; 4:45pm).
Friday, June 4 – Happy birthday to Rosalind Russell! Roz will be on hand in They Met in Bombay (1941; 6am), The Feminine Touch (1941; 8am), No Time for Comedy (1940; 10am), Where Angels Go Trouble Follows! (1968; 12noon), My Sister Eileen (1942; 2pm), The Women (1939; 4pm) and She Wouldn't Say Yes (1945; 6:15pm)
Saturday, June 5 – TCM continues its Saturday visits to Louie’s Sweet Shop with the Bowery Boys epic Fighting Fools (1949) at 10:30am. Subsequent Saturdays will bring us Hold That Baby! (1949; 6/12), Angels in Disguise (1949; 6/19) and Master Minds (1949; 6/26).

Sunday, June 6 – TCM Silent Sunday Nights will show the 1924 version of The Sea Hawk at 12 midnight…which means I won’t have to purchase it from the Warner Archive. (Cultureshark’s Rick Brooks might be interested in knowing that the movie features Wallace Beery.)
Monday, June 7 – TCM desperately puts together a birthday tribute to Dean Martin. I say “desperately” because one of the movies scheduled is the Bing Crosby-Bob Hope comedy Road to Bali (1952; 7:45am), in which Dean (and Jer) have the briefest of cameos. Anyway, Martin and Lewis’ At War with the Army (1950) will kick things off at 6am, and the festival will also include Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1957; 9:30am), Some Came Running (1958; 11:30am), Bells Are Ringing (1960; 2pm) and Ada (1961; 4:15pm).

At 8pm. TCM begins its Star of the Month festival…this month honoring Natalie Wood, beginning with Tomorrow Is Forever (1946), and that’s followed by The Green Promise (1949; 10pm), Never a Dull Moment (1950; 11:30pm), No Sad Songs for Me (1950; 1:15am), Our Very Own (1950; 2:45am) and The Star (1952; 4:30am). The rest of NatalieFest is as follows:
June 8
06:15am The Silver Chalice (1954)
June 14
08:00pm A Cry in the Night (1956)
11:30pm Splendor in the Grass (1961)
01:45am Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
03:45am The Burning Hills (1956)
05:30am The Searchers (1956)
June 15
07:30am Bombers B-52 (1957)
09:30am Kings Go Forth (1958)
June 21
08:00pm West Side Story (1961)
10:45pm Gypsy (1962)
05:00am Cash McCall (1960)
June 28
08:00pm The Great Race (1965)
10:45pm Inside Daisy Clover (1965)
01:00am Brainstorm (1983)
03:00am Meteor (1979)
05:00am Penelope (1966)

Tuesday, June 8 – TCM showcases a quartet of rare Charlie Chan films from the later, Monogram years: Dark Alibi (1946; 8pm), Dangerous Money (1946; 9:15pm), The Trap (1946; 10:30pm) and The Chinese Ring (1947; 11:45pm)—all of which are worth a look-see save the last, which is one of those dreadful Roland Winters outings. Truth be told, you’d be better off grabbing a disco nap so that you can watch the four Lone Wolf films that follow with Warren William and Eric Blore: The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (1939; 1am), The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady (1940; 2:15am), The Lone Wolf Strikes (1940; 3:30am) and The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance (1941; 4:45am). Or you could always go to bed early.
Thursday, June 10 – Judy, Judy, Judy…yes, it’s Ms. Garland’s natal anniversary. Listen, Darling (1938; 6:15am), For Me and My Gal (1942; 7:30am), Girl Crazy (1943; 9:15am), Presenting Lily Mars (1943; 11am), The Clock (1945; 12:45pm), The Pirate (1948; 2:30pm), Summer Stock (1950; 4:15pm) and I Could Go on Singing (1963; 6:15pm) have been chosen to represent her special day.
At 8pm, TCM switches gears for a feting of actress Simone Signoret with a mini-festival of films that includes Les diaboliques (1955), Room at the Top (1959; 10pm), Term of Trial (1962; 12mid), The Deadly Affair (1966; 2:15am) and La ronde (1950; 4:15am).
Monday, June 14 – Light the candles for Dorothy McGuire, as TCM celebrates her birthday with The Enchanted Cottage (1945; 6am), Till the End of Time (1946; 7:45am), I Want You (1951; 9:45am), Callaway Went Thataway (1951; 11:30am), Invitation (1952; 1pm), Trial (1955; 2:30pm) and Old Yeller (1957; 4:30pm). (Why is it they never seem to show The Spiral Staircase [1945] anymore?)

Wednesday, June 16 – One of the rarest of the Spencer Tracy-Katharine Hepburn teamings, Keeper of the Flame (1942), is going to be shown at 6pm and since I can’t remember the last time TCM showed this it’s definitely going to find its way toward the DVD recorder. (There are quite a few people who don’t care for this one, but I like it more than some of their other, better-known outings.)
Friday, June 18 – It’s Jeanette MacDonald’s birthday, so if you’ve taken your insulin sit down and enjoy The Merry Widow (1934; 6:15am), Naughty Marietta (1935; 9:15am), Rose-Marie (1936; 11am), Bitter Sweet (1940; 1pm), Smilin' Through (1941; 2:45pm), I Married an Angel (1942; 4:30pm) and Three Daring Daughters (1948; 6pm). TCM is also throwing a documentary into the mix: Nelson and Jeanette: America's Singing Sweethearts (1993), which airs at 8am.
Monday, June 21 – Celebrate Jane Russell’s birthday with showings of Double Dynamite (1951; 6am), His Kind of Woman (1951; 7:30am), The Las Vegas Story (1952; 9:45am), Montana Belle (1952; 11:15pm) and Macao (1952; 12:45pm). But it’s also Judy Holliday’s natal anniversary…which means that Adam's Rib (1949; 2:30pm), It Should Happen to You (1954; 4:15pm) and Bells Are Ringing (1960; 5:45pm) will also be on tap today.

Tuesday, June 22 – If there’s anybody we revere more at TDOY than John Huston, it’s Billy Wilder—and TCM celebrates his birthday in grand style with some of his best: Five Graves to Cairo (1943; 7am), Stalag 17 (1953; 8:45am), Some Like It Hot (1959; 11am), One, Two, Three (1961; 1:15pm), The Fortune Cookie (1966; 3:15pm) and The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970; 5:30pm). Then, settle in for a night of service comedies: No Time for Sergeants (1958; 8pm), Buck Privates (1941; 10:15pm), See Here, Private Hargrove (1944; 12mid), You're in the Army Now (1941; 2am) and At War with the Army (1950; 3:30am).
Thursday, June 24 – TCM commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Korean War with a 24-hour film festival that contains the following:
8:00 PM Men In War (1957)
Two enemies join forces to save their men during a retreat from the North Koreans. Cast: Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray, Robert Keith. Dir: Anthony Mann. BW-102 mins,
10:00 PM This Is Korea (1951)
Archival footage documents the North Korean aggression that started the Korean War. Cast: John Ireland narrates. Dir: John Ford. C-50 mins,
11:00 PM The Steel Helmet (1951)
Americans trapped behind enemy lines fight off Communists during the Korean War. Cast: Gene Evans, Robert Hutton, Steve Brodie. Dir: Samuel Fuller. BW-84 mins, TV-14
12:30 AM Men Of The Fighting Lady (1954)
Men on a U.S. aircraft carrier fight to survive the Korean War. Cast: Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon, Louis Calhern Dir: Andrew Marton. C-80 mins, TV-PG, CC
2:00 AM I Want You (1951)
The draft and the Korean War threaten a small-town romance. Cast: Dana Andrews, Dorothy McGuire, Farley Granger. Dir: Mark Robson. BW-102 mins, TV-PG
3:45 AM A Yank In Korea (1951)
A tough sergeant has to teach a hotshot young soldier how to be a team player. Cast: Lon McCallister, William "Bill" Phillips, Brett King. Dir: Lew Landers. BW-73 mins,
5:00 AM Tank Battalion (1958)
Four soldiers pilot their tank behind enemy lines during the Korean War. Cast: Don Kelly, Leslie Parrish, Edward, G. Robinson, Jr. Dir: Sherman A. Rose. BW-80 mins,
Friday, June 25
6:30 AM Mission Over Korea (1953)
A rookie pilot in the Korean War wants to avenge his brother's death. Cast: William Chun, John Derek, Richard Erdman. Dir: Fred Sears. BW-85 mins, TV-G
8:00 AM Battle Taxi (1955)
A hotshot jet pilot joins a helicopter rescue team during the Korean War. Cast: Sterling Hayden, Arthur Franz, Marshall Thompson. Dir: Herbert L. Strock. BW-80 mins, TV-PG
9:30 AM The Bamboo Prison (1955)
An undercover agent investigates atrocities at a Koran P.O.W. camp. Cast: Robert Francis, Dianne Foster, Brian Keith. Dir: Lewis Seiler. BW-79 mins,
11:00 AM All the Young Men (1960)
A black sergeant is forced to take command when his lieutenant is killed during the Korean War. Cast: Alan Ladd, Sidney Poitier, James Darren. Dir: Hall Bartlett. BW-90 mins,
12:30 PM Take The High Ground! (1953)
A tough drill sergeant prepares green recruits for service in the Korean War. Cast: Richard Widmark, Karl Malden, Russ Tamblyn. Dir: Richard Brooks. C-101 mins, TV-PG, CC
2:30 PM Time Limit (1957)
An officer is court-martialed under suspicion of collaborating with the North Koreans. Cast: Richard Widmark, Richard Basehart, June Lockhart. Dir: Karl Malden. BW-97 mins, TV-PG
4:30 PM The Rack (1956)
A Korean War veteran is accused of cracking under enemy torture. Cast: Paul Newman, Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis. Dir: Arnold Laven. BW-100 mins, TV-14, CC
6:30 PM Hell in Korea (1956)
A small platoon fights to keep control of a small hill during the Korean War. Cast: George Baker, Harry Andrews, Stanley Baker. Dir: Julian Amyes. BW-80 mins,

Saturday, June 26 – TCM will show at 12 noon a nice little feature comedy directed by the late Howard Zieff, Hearts of the West (1975). If you’re a B-western fan, you’ll get a kick out of this little sleeper, which features Jeff Bridges, Andy Griffith, Donald Pleasence, Blythe Danner, Alan Arkin, Herb Edelman, Alex Rocco, Frank “Sam Drucker” Cady and Burton Gilliam.
Monday, June 28 – Normally, in celebrating Anne Shirley’s birthday, I just put on Murder, My Sweet (1944) and be done with it. But TCM has more grandiose plans, with a kitchen-sink festival that features Chasing Yesterday (1935; 6am), Chatterbox (1936; 7:30am), Meet the Missus (1937; 8:45am), Too Many Wives (1937;10am), Girls' School (1938; 11:15am), Boy Slaves (1939; 12:30pm), Four Jacks and a Jill (1942; 1:45pm), The Mayor of 44th Street (1942; 3pm), Government Girl (1943; 4:30pm) and Music in Manhattan (1944; 6:15pm).
Wednesday, June 30 – If there’s anybody we revere more at TDOY than Billy Wilder, it’s…well, to be honest, I’m awfully keen on Anthony Mann but I don’t know if I would place him above Billy. Still, it is his birthday—and TCM will celebrate with some bodacious films: Two O'Clock Courage (1945; 6am), Desperate (1947; 7:15am), Border Incident (1949; 8:30am), Side Street (1950; 10:15am), The Naked Spur (1953; 12noon), God's Little Acre (1958; 1:45pm), Man of the West (1958; 3:45pm) and Cimarron (1960; 5:30pm). Later, in the wee night auditor hours of the morning, TCM will run two of my particular favorites: Queen Bee (1955; 2am), an outrageous melodrama with Joan Crawford as a Southern belle who runs roughshod over her family; and To the Ends of the Earth (1948; 4am), an underrated Dick Powell vehicle that casts him as a Treasury agent who attempts to bust up a narcotics ring.
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Laura said...

Read the other day that the June 8th lineup of Chan and Lone Wolf films has been replaced with a lineup of Saint films since the schedule was first made available online. I was able to confirm that when I clicked on the schedule. Just FYI!

Best wishes,

Vanwall said...

Jeez, I don't think I can burn 'em that fast - good thing I just got two Western Digital 1.5 TB drives to fill up. I wish they had "Riffraff" for '47 scheduled for the Pat O’Brien session - I need to see that one again.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Read the other day that the June 8th lineup of Chan and Lone Wolf films has been replaced with a lineup of Saint films since the schedule was first made available online. I was able to confirm that when I clicked on the schedule. Just FYI!

Thanks for the correction, Laura -- I knew I should have added the "subject to change" disclaimer. ;-)

Rick Brooks said...

Wallace been Beery, Beery good to me. Thanks for the heads-up!

Stacia said...

They're not showing the Lone Wolf films? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Dangit, that was the highlight of the month for me. I've been wanting to re-watch those for over a year now.

"Queen Bee" looks great, thanks for the heads up. I'm more interested in Joan's later stuff now that I've seen "Johnny Guitar" finally.