Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mother Buell and…Mother Hubbard?

Stephen Bowie has an astonishingly well-written piece on the late Robert Culp at his Classic TV History Blog—but the post I enjoyed the most was an essay entitled “What We Talk About When We Talk About Rawhide.” Stephen makes the convincing argument that despite the conventional wisdom among Rawhide fans that the early seasons were the best, he feels the later seasons were far more inventive and offered much, much more to viewers weary of the same old tired Western clichés. (I realize Stephen wrote about this back in March, and that some of you may have already perused it—but I just came across it recently, owing to the fact that I was laid up in hospital at the time of its publication.) I would love to be able to discern this for myself, but as of this post CBS DVD-Paramount seems to have called a halt to any further adventures with Gil Favor, Rowdy Yates and the rest of the drovers—something I consider a damn shame. (By the way, I enjoyed Stephen’s post so much that I have temporarily abandoned what was known at Rancho Yesteryear as The Dick Van Dyke Show DVD Watching Project and have switched to Rawhide reruns for the interim.)

Over at, they have finally nailed down a street date for The Mothers-in-Law: The Complete Series—MPI Home Video will release this collection on July 27th. TSOD also has a list of the generous extras that will be included, but the best news (to me, anyway) is that you can get all fifty-six episodes of the cult 60s sitcom for the SRP of $39.98. This means that you can probably hunt it down even cheaper online.

In other TSOD news, Mike J. Quigley at MJQ net/Five-O reports that Hawaii Five-O: The Ninth Season is headed our way August 3rd—keep in mind that this is not an official announcement, but on the other hand…Mike hasn’t been wrong yet. There are also announcements about the bonus material on Leave It to Beaver: The Complete Series and Dragnet 1968: Season 2. (The Dragnet box set will contain the original telefilm that served as the revival version’s pilot; filmed and produced in 1966 and highly praised by Dragnet expert extraordinaire Michael J. Hyde.)

Finally, here’s a TSOD blurb about a recent online chat at the Home Theater Forum (and if you’re curious why my participation at HTF sort of dried up, Stephen Bowie’s hysterical post goes a long way towards explaining this) with some representatives from Warner Home Video on April 5th. The encouraging news is that according to Warner, there is some consideration being given towards releasing some of their classic television show holdings to DVD: “…we are looking at potential future opportunities, in particular, Maverick…” But for those of you hoping to add the two seasons of Harry O to your DVD library, it looks as if you’re SOL—why not rectify this by signing this petition (a doff of the TDOY chapeau to The Rap Sheet for providing the info).

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