Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The sound of one man’s horn tooting…

Only Good Movies, a website/weblog just recently added to the voluminous Thrilling Days of Yesteryear blogroll, has an article up entitled “Blog Carnival of Crime.” The author of this carnival was kind enough to include this ‘umble blog in with several others blogging about crime movies (my piece on “Pidgeon Noir”) and for that, I’d like to thank him for the shout-out.

And now if there are no further interruptions, I’m going to head back to Rancho Yesteryear for the rest of the evening to pipe a pair of oaters featuring Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings fave Robert Taylor, Richard Widmark and Rod Steiger. Giddy up!

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Laura said...

Enjoy! :) :)

Best wishes,