Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stuff from the back of the magazine

The Warner Archive is currently offering a 30% off sale on their MOD silent features—but because I’ve recently been naughtily spending money on TV-on-DVD sets missing from the dusty TDOY archives I will have to sit this sale out. So Exit Smiling (1926), Scaramouche (1923) and Tide of Empire (1929) will just have to wait.

This past April 19th marked the fifth anniversary of the online blog belonging to the Self-Styled Siren, and at the risk of courting hyperbole I can pay her no finer tribute than to simply say that she is the gold standard by which film blogs are measured. Here's hoping that she continues in that same vein for many more years to come. I am bust-a-gut proud to be listed among her “Old Acquaintances” (I’m the iconoclastic one).

Stacia at She Blogged by Night was the first to jog my memory but it wasn’t until I received an e-mail from Dylan Fields hizownself that I remembered to get in my nominations for the 2010 Lammy Awards, which are handed out each year by the Large Association of Movie Blogs. I think there were only two categories in which I didn’t bother to submit nominations—Best Blog-a-thon/Meme and Best Overall Post—and that’s only because time was so pressing that I didn’t want to futz around with submitting the URLs. I hope that Stacia can grab a few more awards this year—I nominated her for a few, as well as Ed’s Only the Cinema, Jacqueline’s Another Old Movie Blog, Vince’s Carole & Co. and Raquelle’s Out of the Past – A Classic Film Blog. Visiting participating LAMB blogs also resulted in my adding a few new titles to the blogroll, notably Attack From Planet B, Where Danger Lives and Lost Highway’s B-Movies and Cult Films. (If TDOY manages to get any nominations then you know something isn’t kosher at the LAMB.)

Finally, today marks the day that I had to say farewell to my temporary movie-watching partner—my mom Irene, who’s taken her leave from Rancho Yesteryear and has returned to the Double K Ranch to take care of my father…and my nephew, who’ll celebrate birthday numero uno this Saturday. This means, of course, that I have to go back to doing the cooking (the return of the Half-Assed Gourmand!) and tidying up…though she did leave the door open for a return engagement (she plans on coming over to use my laundry facilities on a regular basis, so I’ll schedule some classic movies for such occasions). She will definitely be missed around Castle Yesteryear, but the drawbridge is always open.

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Raquelle said...

Thanks for nominating me! I think I nominated you for a couple categories including most prolific.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Thanks for the vote. Proud to be in such auspicious company. I discovered a lot of new (to me) blogs just looking at that ballot. I'll look forward to reading them. So many blogs, so little time.

Stacia said...

Pfft on you not getting nominated. I'm still epically butthurt that you didn't get nominated for AT LEAST Most Prolific last year, because DUDE, that's a no-brainer.