Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yeah, I’m working on a post…but I thought you should see this…

Since it’s always gratifying to see individuals on the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear blogroll scale monumental heights to bigger and bigger cinematic things, I thought I’d get in a plug for our good friend Jennifer Baldwin of Dereliction Row fame and congratulate her on her new writing gig at Libertas Film Magazine online. She’ll be contributing to a feature entitled Classic Cinema Obsession, and first up is a wonderful take on the 1952 “press noir” Scandal Sheet that was shown as part of Turner Classic Movies’ Star of the Month salute to Donna Reed. (I talked about the movie previously in September of last year when The Greatest Cable Channel Known to Mankind™ ran it as part of a salute to its director, Phil Karlson.)

In keeping with what looks to be an ongoing series of informative chats with some unsung (but nevertheless immensely talented) performers, Kliph Nesteroff at Classic Television Showbiz has a conversation with character actor Hank Garrett that is a ripping good read. The name may not be familiar but Garrett is perhaps best known in Yesteryear Land as Officer Ed Nicholson on the cult comedy classic Car 54, Where are You?—he was the partner of Officer Leo Schnauser, played by Al “Grandpa” Lewis. Garrett has some stories to tell about Lewis, not to mention Car 54 stars Joe E. Ross, Fred Gwynne and Nipsey Russell—but he saves the best for last with an anecdote about Al Kelly, the comedian whose “double talk” routine was a regular feature on Milton Berle’s radio programs The Milton Berle Show and The Texaco Star Theater.

Here’s an interesting interview with Linda Dishman, the executive director of the Los Angeles Conservancy…whose Last Remaining Seats film festival is mentioned in one of those featurettes that run between movies on TCM. (And if you’re interested as to what’s on the bill of fare, you can check out the lineup here.) In other classic film festival news, this salute to mystery films at the Clarence Dillon Public Library in Bedminster, NJ sounds like a great way to spend evenings in June…too bad it’s a bit of a drive from where I’m at. Some of the movies scheduled include TDOY faves Sorry, Wrong Number (1948), Saboteur (1942) and In a Lonely Place (1950).

Courtesy of listmeister Bill Crider, here’s a countdown of the boob tube’s “50 Most Shocking TV Moments”…and this is one I found without Mr. C’s help: “10 Cult Classics That Would Be Even Better in 3-D.”

Finally, Louis “The Big Woo” Despres at “Give me the good old days!” (touted as “a blog about El Brendel, old film and any other sh*t I feel like writing about”) has a DVR-TiVo-Or whatever recording device strikes your fancy-alert! heads-up for Wednesday, May 26th at 5:41am on TCM…because they’ve scheduled one of Brendel’s Vitaphone shorts at that ungodly hour, Okay, José (1935). Louis says this two-reeler is “a pretty funny one” so I plan to check it out—my enthusiasm for Brendel has always been tempered by the fact that I’m more familiar with those dismal Columbia comedies he churned out between 1936 and 1945 (only one of which can really be considered a classic, Love at First Fright [1941]). Thanks to Louis and Rich Finegan for spotting this one.

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The Derelict said...

Ivan, thanks for the shout out! :)

Glad you had a chance to check out LFM and my article on SCANDAL SHEET. Classic Cinema Obsessions is going to be a weekly feature, I think, so keep and eye out for more!