Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

Eddie Laughton (1903, character great and straight man to the Three Stooges in stage appearances)

Gus Schilling (1908, character great seen in many Orson Welles films and partner to Richard Lane in short-lived Columbia comedy two-reeler series)

Errol Flynn (1909, legendary Hollywood swashbuckler)

Gail Patrick (1911, pictured, underrated actress featured in films like My Man Godfrey and Stage Door; executive producer of TV’s Perry Mason)

Terence Young (1915, James Bond director [Dr. No, From Russia With Love])

T. Texas Tyler (1916, country music legend [Deck of Cards, Bumming Around])

Bruce Gordon (1919, character actor and Frank Nitti impersonator [The Untouchables])

Audie Murphy (1924, decorated WW2 veteran and actor [The Red Badge of Courage, No Name on the Bullet])

Chet Atkins (1924, Mr. Guitar and legendary RCA Records A&R executive)

Martin Landau (1928, 82, Oscar-winning [Ed Wood} and Emmy-winning [Mission: Impossible] actor)

Bonnie Bartlett (1929, 81, Emmy Award-winning actress [St. Elsewhere] and wife of TDOY fave William Daniels)

Danny Aiello (1933, 77, character great [The Purple Rose of Cairo, Moonstruck, Do the Right Thing])

Wendy Craig (1934, 76, actress and Britcom icon [Not in Front of the Children, …And Mother Makes Three, Butterflies])

Billy Guy (1936, Coaster [Poison Ivy, Yakety Yak])

Stephen Frears (1941, 69, film director [The Grifters, The Snapper, Dirty Pretty Things])

Brian Wilson (1942, 68, Beach Boy)

Cheryl Holdridge (1944, Mouseketeer and frequent date of Wally Cleaver [Leave it to Beaver])

Anne Murray (1945, 65, country-pop vocalist of Snowbird and Gordon Lightfoot’s Cotton Jenny*)

Candy Clark (1947, 63, TDOY actress fave [Fat City, American Graffiti, Handle With Care])

Tress MacNeille (1951, 59, legendary voice actress [The Simpsons, The Critic, Futurama)

John Goodman (1952, 58, character great in movies [Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski] and television [Roseanne])

Govindini Murty (1974, 36, actress, Fox News Channel mouthpiece and co-founder of the Libertas Film Magazine blog)

*I hope you're happy, Vince.

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1 comment:

Matthew Coniam said...

You forgot me. Born 37 years ago today and feeling it.
The only thing I'll ever have in common with Errol Flynn - I accept that now.