Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

Irvin S. Cobb (1876, writer/humorist and one-time Will Rogers protagonist [Steamboat Round the Bend] who sought to replace Rogers’ popularity in films [Everybody’s Old Man, Pepper] after the legendary folk humorist’s demise in 1935)

William “Billy” Franey (1882, forgotten silent comedian [The Bath Dub, The Janitor])

Donald MacBride (1889, consummate character actor best known for playing dyspeptic police detectives [Charlie Chan at Treasure Island] and other authority figures [Room Service—“Jumping butterballs!”], in scads of comedy/whodunit films)

Edmund Cobb (1892, villainous character actor and B-western/serial stalwart [Mystery Mountain, The Fighting Devil Dogs, Zorro’s Fighting Legion] relation to Irwin S., by the way)

Will Jason (1899, shorts film director [Pete Smith specialties, Robert Benchley one-reelers] and later television journeyman [The Whistler, Treasury Men in Action, Shotgun Slade])

Anthony Veiller (1903, John Huston crony and screenwriter [The Killers, The List of Adrian Messenger, Night of the Iguana])

Mary Livingstone (1905, radio comedienne and Mrs. Jack Benny)

Nat Hiken (1914, caricature by Drew Friedman, TDOY god and legendary radio [Fred Allen, Milton Berle, The Magnificent Montague] and television writer-producer who created the landmark TV sitcoms The Phil Silvers Show and Car 54, Where are You?)

Larry Blyden (1925, Broadway star, television character actor [The Twilight Zone, Harry’s Girls] and game-show host [What’s My Line?])

Bob Fosse (1927, legendary choreographer/film director [Sweet Charity, Cabaret])

June Carter Cash (1929, Carter Family member, songwriter [Ring of Fire] and wife/duet partner to the Man in Black)

Stu Sutcliffe (1940, fifth Beatle)

Diana Trask (1940, 70, Australian actress/country music vocalist [Lean it All On Me, Say When])

Ted Shackelford (1946, 64, television icon [Dallas, Knots Landing, The Young and the Restless])

Sally Geeson (1950, 60, British comic actress and Carry On participant who appeared in the popular Britcom Bless This House)

Jim Metzler (1951, 59, modern day character great [Delusion, One False Move, L.A. Confidential]

Pake McEntire (1953, 57, lesser known sibling to Reba and country music singer [Savin’ My Love For You, Bad Love])

Francis McDormand (1957, 53, TDOY actress fave [Blood Simple, Hidden Agenda] and Oscar-winner for Fargo)

Joss Whedon (1964, 46, cult television writer/director/producer and creator of TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

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