Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

H.M. “Beanie” Walker (1878, screenwriter who contributed title cards to the Hal Roach silent two-reelers…and dialogue to the sound shorts, allowing the likes of Harold Lloyd, Our Gang and Laurel & Hardy to make us laugh)

Moroni Olsen (1889, consummate character great in films like Annie Oakley, Invisible Stripes and The Glass Key)

John McIntire (1907, TDOY idol who excelled on radio, television (Wagon Train, The Virginian) and the silver screen (Winchester ’73, The Asphalt Jungle)

Billy Curtis (1909, midget actor with memorable roles in Saboteur, Superman and the Mole Men and Little Cigars)

Skelton Knaggs (1911, character actor long associated with Val Lewton productions like The Ghost Ship, Isle of the Dead and Bedlam)

Fred Stuthman (1919, elderly character great in films and television [Lou Grant, Hello, Larry])

I.A.L. “Izzy” Diamond (1920, screenwriter and longtime Billy Wilder collaborator [Some Like It Hot, The Apartment, One, Two, Three])

Jerome “Doc” Pomus (1925, rock ‘n’ roll songwriter and partner with Mort Shuman [A Teenager in Love, Save the Last Dance for Me, Suspicion])

Robert “Bob” Keeshan (1927, pictured, former television clown and kangaroo captain)

Gary Crosby (1933, singer/actor [The Bill Dana Show, Adam-12] and son of Bing)

Michael Winkleman (1946, television child actor best-known as “Little Luke” McCoy on the sitcom The Real McCoys)

Julia Duffy (1951, 59, television sitcom icon [Newhart, Designing Women, The Mommies])

Lorrie Morgan (1959, 51, female country vocalist [We Both Walk, Except for Monday] and daughter of country music great George)

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