Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

George Chandler (1898, consummate character actor in films [The Fatal Glass of Beer, Me and My Gal, Fury] and television [Lassie, Ichabod and Me])

Santos Ortega (1899, consummate radio actor [Gangbusters, The Shadow])

Madge Bellamy (1899, silent and sound film actress [The Iron Horse, White Zombie, Charlie Chan in London])

Frank Gallop (1900, announcer for Milton Berle [on radio] and Perry Como [on television] and balladeer [The Ballad of Irving])

Glenda Farrell (1904, beloved wisecracking movie dame [Little Caesar, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang, Lady For a Day] and moviedom’s Torchy Blane)

Nestor Paiva (1905, venerable character actor remembered for roles in 1950s Universal sci-fi films like Creature From the Black Lagoon and Tarantula)

Anthony Mann (1906, TDOY god and director of both fine film noirs [T-Men, Border Incident] and westerns [Winchester ’73, Devil’s Doorway])

Lena Horne (1917, incomparable singer-actress [Cabin in the Sky, Stormy Weather] who is now entertaining the multitudes in the Great Beyond)

Susan Hayward (1917, pictured, TDOY actress goddess who won a Best Actress Oscar in 1958 for I Want to Live!)

Pat McCormick (1927, gargantuan comedy writer-actor who’s best remembered as “Big Enos” in 1977’s Smokey and the Bandit)

Ted Ross (1934, character actor in films [The Wiz, Arthur] and television [Sirota’s Court, A Different World])

Tony Musante (1936, 74, film/television character actor [The Incident, The Grissom Gang, Oz] and TV’s Toma)

Nancy Dussault (1936, 74, television icon [The New Dick Van Dyke Show, Too Close For Comfort])

Doyle Holly (1936, country music singer-songwriter [Lila, Queen of the Silver Dollar] and Buckaroo)

Noel Black (1937, 73, film-television director who helmed the cult classic Pretty Poison)

Florence Ballard (1943, Supreme)

David Garrison (1952, 58, television icon [It’s Your Move, Married with Children])

Vincent D’Onofrio (1959, 51, talented character actor best-known for his role as “Private Pyle” in Full Metal Jacket and as Detective Robert “Twitchy” Goren on TV’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent)

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