Sunday, July 18, 2010

DVR-TiVo-Or whatever recording device strikes your fancy-alert!

I couldn’t possibly cut this announcement any closer, but a casual glance at the TCM schedule reveals that the Greatest Cable Channel Known to Mankind™ (ka-ching!) will show the 1933 Thelma Todd-ZaSu Pitts two-reeler Beauty and the Bus (1933) at 9:39pm EDT this evening, following the Essentials, Jr. feature Beauty and the Beast (1946). As I have preached from my blogosphere soapbox too many times to count in the past, these wonderful Hal Roach Studios comedies don’t get nearly the workout they should on television (with the exception of a slew of Todd-Pitts and Todd-Kelly shorts scheduled for August 30 as part of TCM’s Summer Under the Stars promotion) so anytime I spot one and have a chance to pass along the news to faithful TDOY reader I’m only too happy to do so. (I haven’t seen Bus, so this will be a real treat for me.)

(Update: I suspect my specs must have slipped off my nose...this is a Todd-Kelly short; ZaSu is nowhere in sight. If I can find the time tomorrow, I'll review it as well as the latest Crime Does Not Pay offering, A Thrill for Thelma [1935].)

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Amanda said...

Bummer - I missed it