Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy birthday, Peanut!

Because I do the birthday salutes a few days in advance, I stupidly neglected to close out today’s with a shout-out to my niece Rachel, who turns nine years old today. The family and I had the tremendous good fortune to be able to spend some time with Rach and the two individuals who claim to be her parents (my sister Debbie and her husband Craige, for the uninitiated—and no, that’s not a typo…that’s the way his name is spelled) over the July 4th weekend, but that doesn’t make me any less sad that I can’t spend today’s natal anniversary celebration with her. I got her a dolphin pillow from some outfit called Pillow Pets (we saw the ad on TV as we were watching cartoons on Nickelodeon) and she called me Sunday to thank me and to tell me how soft it was. “That’s a relief,” I remarked. “I was afraid they were going to sell me one of the hard ones.” (She laughed, but I’m thinking it was out of politeness.)

Anyway, I just wanted to wish her a happy b-day and to have an excuse to post this picture of her, sister Debbie and mi madre that was snapped during the visit. Good wishes to you, Peanut—I love you very much.

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Pam said...

Nine years??!!!! OMG - time flies.

Happy Birthday, Rachel!!

Stacia said...

Aw, happy birthday, Rachel! Goodness, you're growing up fast. We all love it when your uncle blogs about you (and don't worry, WE laugh politely when he makes jokes, too!)