Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

Leon Errol (1881, unsung clown/second banana renowned for his R-K-O two-reel comedies and as “Uncle Matt” in the Mexican Spitfire films)

Richard Cramer (1889, villainous character actor seen in B-westerns and W.C. Fields’ The Fatal Glass of Beer in particular)

George Sanders (1906, peerless silver screen cad [Lancer Spy, Man Hunt, The Private Affairs of Bel Ami], Falcon/Saint and Oscar-winning supporting actor in All About Eve)

Dorothy Kilgallen (1913, controversial newspaper columnist who sat on What’s My Line? panel for fifteen years)

Don Haggerty (1914, character actor in films like Cause for Alarm!, Go for Broke! and Angels in the Outfield)

Louise Albritton (1920, silver screen starlet best remembered at TDOY as the indescribably evil Katherine Caldwell in Son of Dracula)

Susan Peters (1921, promising silver screen starlet whose career [Random Harvest, Song of Russia, Sign of the Ram] was cut short after being paralyzed due to a tragic shooting incident)

Chris Jenkyns (1924, 86, television writer who guided the fortunes of cartoon heroes like Rocky and Bullwinkle, Hoppity Hooper and George of the Jungle)

Tim O’Connor (1927, 83, television character stalwart best-remembered for roles in Peyton Place and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)

Rhoda Williams (1930, talented vocal actress best remembered for playing Betty Anderson on the radio version of Father Knows Best and voicing the little moppet in the Twilight Zone episode “Little Girl Lost”)

Jay Tarses (1939, 71, actor-writer who created/wrote for underrated sitcoms like The Tony Randall Show, Open All Night, Buffalo Bill and The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd)

Fontella Bass (1940, 70, pop vocalist [Rescue Me])

Gary Waldhorn (1943, 67, bald Britcom icon seen in Brush Strokes and The Vicar of Dibley)

Kurtwood Smith (1943, 67, bald character great who imitated my father in the sitcom That 70’s Show and played “Jack Lord” in the underrated Big Wave Dave’s)

Johnny Lee (1946, 64, country music vocalist who took the country by storm with hit recording Lookin’ for Love featured in Urban Cowboy)

Betty Buckley (1947, 63, phenomenal actress whose multiple Broadway triumphs are overshadowed by the fact that I always remember her as the replacement mom on Eight is Enough and the gym coach in Carrie)

Dave Barry (1947, 63, humor columnist and extraordinarily funny man)

Jan Smithers (1949, 61, pictured, smokin’ hot actress best remembered as smokin’ hot Bailey Quarters in the TV sitcom classic WKRP in Cincinnati)

Trilby Conried (1951, 59, daughter of TDOY god Hans—her only credit is in her father’s The Twonky; I just think it’s cool that someone would name their progeny “Trilby”)

Rick Ducommun (1956, 54, stand-up comedian)

Ken Ober (1957, writer-producer and host of game show Remote Control)

Laura Branigan (1957, female pop vocalist [Gloria, Self Control])

Aaron Tippin (1958, 52, country music vocalist who puts the “red” in redneck [My Blue Angel, There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Radio])

Rick Sanchez (1958, 52, indescribably stupid television talking head [sorry about the editorial comment—but he’s really a burr under my saddle])

Thomas Gibson (1962, 48, television icon [Chicago Hope, Dharma & Greg, Criminal Minds])

Connie Nielsen (1965, 45, smokin’ hot Danish actress [The Devil’s Advocate, One Hour Photo])

Shawnee Smith (1970, 40, TDOY actress fave [All is Forgiven, The Blob, Becker])

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Tom said...

Ivan, I must point out one correction: you omitted "smokin' hot" for Shawnee Smith.

Jeff Overturf said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Jan Smithers....

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Ivan, I must point out one correction: you omitted "smokin' hot" for Shawnee Smith. humblest of apologies.