Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

Dell Henderson (1883, actor/director/writer who was featured in movies since their very conception [The Crowd, Show People] but whom I’m always associated with appearances in two-reelers starring Laurel & Hardy, Charley Chase, Our Gang, etc.)

Tim Ryan (1899, comic actor who toiled in vaudeville, film and on radio in frequent tandem with wife Irene—but also had a hand in guiding the cinematic futures of the Bowery Boys by scripting many of their vehicles)

Milburn Stone (1904, peerless character actor featured in films and serials [The Master Key, The Royal Mounted Rides Again] and best-remembered for his long-running role as Doc Galen Adams in TV’s Gunsmoke)

Don Dunphy (1908, radio/TV sportscaster who announced many a boxing match back in the day)

Mack David (1912, composer-songwriter whose hits include Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White and It Only Hurts for a Little While)

Warren Oates (1928, TDOY acting god who was showcased in such films as Ride the High Country, The Wild Bunch and Two-Lane Blacktop)

Katherine Helmond (1928, 82, pictured, television icon [Soap, Who’s the Boss?, Coach, Everybody Loves Raymond])

Tommy Cook (1930, 80, moppet actor whose career dabbled in both films and television [Adventures of Red Ryder, Jungle Girl) but who I mostly remember for his roles on radio’s The Life of Riley and A Date with Judy)

Billy “Froggy” Laughlin (1932, Little Rascal)

Shirley Knight (1936, 74, TDOY actress fave prominently showcased in the films Petulia, The Rain People and Sweet Bird of Youth)

Robbie Robertson (1943, 67, singer-songwriter-actor and member of The Band)

Huey Lewis (1950, 60, rock ‘n’ roll vocalist that my sister Debbie listened to constantly throughout the 1980s [Heart and Soul, The Heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll])

Bill Watterson (1958, 52, Calvin and Hobbes creator and famous recluse)

Marc Cohn (1959, 51, Grammy-winning walker in Memphis)

Pruitt Taylor Vince (1960, 50, character actor fave in films like JFK, Nobody’s Fool and Beautiful Girls)

Edie Falco (1963, 47, TDOY actress fave and Soprano)

Kathryn Erbe (1965, 45, TDOY actress fave best known as Detective Alexander Eames, partner to Detective Robert “Twitchy” Goren on TV’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent)…

…and happy birthday to my sister Debbie, who turns (mumble mumble) today!

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Tom said...

Happy birthday to all! I turn *cough* *cough* today as well. Never knew Froggy was born on this day; he was always one of my favorite Little Rascals.

Jeff Overturf said...

Joining you in b-day wishes to some of my faves here too such as Bill Waterson, Milburne Stone, Robbie Robertson and Warren Oates.

Best wishes to your sister too...happy to see she made it to (mumble-mumble) and still looks (twenty-mumble).