Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

H.V. Kaltenborn (1878, legendary radio news commentator who also appeared occasionally in films [Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Babe Ruth Story])

Alan Lipscott (1894, radio [The Life of Riley, The Eddie Cantor Show] and television [Make Room for Daddy, Bachelor Father] comedy writer)

Jester Hairston (1901, actor/singer/composer/songwriter best remembered for roles on radio and TV’s Amos ‘n’ Andy and as Rolly Forbes on the sitcom Amen)

Walter Sande (1906, peerless character actor in serials [The Iron Claw, Don Winslow of the Navy, Don Winslow of the Coast Guard] and on television [Dragnet, The Adventures of Tugboat Annie, The Farmer’s Daughter])

Eddie Dean (1907, country music vocalist and B-western cowboy hero)

Kay Aldridge (1917, actress and serial heroine [Perils of Nyoka, Daredevils of the West, Haunted Harbor])

Susan Cabot (1927, B-movie actress best remembered for appearances in TDOY god Roger Corman films like Sorority Girl, War of the Satellites and The Wasp Woman)

Ed Ames (1927. 83, pop music vocalist [My Cup Runneth Over] and Mingo on TV’s Daniel Boone)

Vince Edwards (1928, actor [Rogue Cop, The Killing] and TV’s Ben Casey)

Lee Hazelwood (1929, singer-songwriter-producer who sang many duets with Nancy Sinatra—he wrote her monster hit These Boots are Made For Walkin’)

Donald Rumsfeld (1932, 78, un dickhead formidable)

Ronnie Burns (1935, adopted son of George Burns & Gracie Allen, appeared on their television show as well as 1960 sitcom Happy)

Brian Dennehy (1938, 72, peerless character actor [Split Image, Silverado, Cocoon])

Richard Roundtree (1942, 68, moviedom’s Shaft—can you dig it?)

Chris Cooper (1951, 59, Oscar-winning actor whom I primarily associate with films directed by TDOY idol John Sayles [Matewan, City of Hope, Lone Star])

Jimmy Smits (1955, 55, television icon [L.A. Law, NYPD Blue, The West Wing])

Tom Hanks (1956, Oscar-winning actor [Philadelphia, Forrest Gump] whom I liked much better when he was making movies like Bachelor Party and Volunteers)

Kelly McGillis (1957, 53, pictured, TDOY actress fave [Reuben, Reuben, Witness, The House on Carroll Street, The Accused]) who’s been off my radar for so long she’s morphed into a sexy grandma)

Pamela Segall Adlon (1966, actress who seemed to play every available tomboy role in her teen years [The Facts of Life, Willy/Milly, Say Anything…] before honing her comedic chops as the voice of Bobby Hill on the TV sitcom King of the Hill)

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Jeff Overturf said...

Oh Ivan, Ivan, Ivan...long lost we differ on Tom Hanks. While I have a good body of his work in my DVD library, "Batchelor Party" along with the later "Polar Express" are two I have vocally (on more than one occasion) proclaimed never to sully my shelves, or for that matter eye holes and ear holes with.

Dhiraj said...

great blog