Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

Basil Ruysdael (1888, stage, film, radio and television character actor-singer known for films like The Cocoanuts, Broken Arrow and People Will Talk…and as a shill for Lucky Strike on the long-running The Jack Benny Program)

Alice Terry (1899, silent film actress seen in classics like The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The Prisoner of Zenda, Scaramouche and The Garden of Allah)

Chief Dan George (1899, Native American character actor seen to magnificent advantage in films like Little Big Man, Harry and Tonto and The Outlaw Josey Wales)

Mabel Albertson (1901, peerless stage, film and television actress who’s best remembered here at TDOY as Samantha Stephens’ mother-in-law on the sitcom Bewitched; sister of actor Jack)

Delmer Daves (1904, motion picture director whose specialty was Westerns that included Broken Arrow, Jubal, 3:10 to Yuma, Cowboy and The Last Wagon)

Alan Curtis (1909, bland beefcake actor glimpsed in films like The Shopworn Angel, High Sierra, Buck Privates, Phantom Lady and The Invisible Man’s Revenge)

Raymond Edward Johnson (1911, OTR veteran who appeared on shows like Crime Club and Cloak and Dagger but is best remembered as the creepy host of Inner Sanctum Mysteries from 1941 to 1945)

Robert Emhardt (1914, industrious character actor from stage, film and television who’s fondly remembered for the classic Andy Griffith Show episode “Man in a Hurry’)

John D. MacDonald (1916, pulp fiction detective novelist who created South Florida gumshoe Travis McGee)

X. Brands (1927, character actor who specialized in playing Native Americans, particularly the character Pakoo-Ke-Tah-Wah on TV’s Yancy Derringer)

Peter Yates (1929, 81, motion picture director who helmed classics like Bullitt, The Hot Rock, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Mother, Jugs & Speed, Breaking Away and The Dresser)

Mark Goddard (1936, 74, television icon [Johnny Ringo, The Detectives starring Robert Taylor, Many Happy Returns, Lost in Space])

Ruth Buzzi (1936, 74, comic actress/voice artist who reached dizzying heights as one of only four performers to appear in every episode of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In)

Will Mackenzie (1938, 72, veteran television sitcom director who as an actor played Larry Bondurant, the man who married receptionist Carol Kester on The Bob Newhart Show)

Dan Hedaya (1940, 70, peerless stage, film and television actor immortalized on the boob tube as Nick Tortelli, ex-husband of waitress Carla on Cheers)

Chris Sarandon (1942, 68, West Virginia-born actor seen in films like Dog Day Afternoon, Cuba, Fright Night and Child’s Play)

Linda Harrison (1945, 65, film and television actress whose role as Nova in the Planet of the Apes films prompted a friend of mine to ask me why she never did anything else)

Gallagher (1946, 64, watermelon-smashing stand-up comedian who has morphed into un dickhead formidable)

Robert Hays (1947, 63, affable comic actor immortalized here at TDOY as the love interest on the short-lived sitcom Angie and as Ted Striker in the comedy classic Airplane!)

Michael Richards (1949, 61, television icon [Fridays, Marblehead Manor…and that show about nothing)

Lynda Carter (1951, 59, pictured, smokin’ hot film and television actress; all the world is waiting for you…and the powers you possess)

Gus Van Sant (1952, 58, motion picture director whose career sort of went south after Drugstore Cowboy)

Pam Tillis (1957. 53, country music vocalist and daughter of country music legend Mel)

Kristin Chenoweth (1968, 42, cute-as-a-button actress seen in TV shows like The West Wing and Pushing Daisies)

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Jeff Overturf said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Sometimes I wonder how you choose who to picture from your birthday lists. I KNOW.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

It's a fair cop, guv'nor, but society's to blame.