Friday, July 9, 2010

If you buy me this one thing I swear I’ll never ask for another thing again…

Pam, my longtime online confidante and the fun lovin’ soul who runs the vacuum here at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear when I have to be away from the blog on occasion, sent me an e-mail about an hour ago about the current Christie's auction going on at the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum…which I was alerted to courtesy of Bill “Another notch on my gun for the kid who wouldn’t stay offa my lawn” Crider’s post this a.m. If you’ve ever seriously considered buying me something pretty, here’s a couple of suggestions:


Trigger, Jr.

Buttermilk (Bullet sold separately, I'm guessing).

This reminds me of what one wag cracked when learning of Roy’s predilection for performing taxidermy on his legendary animal companions: “I sure hope Roy goes before Dale.”

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Jeff Overturf said...

Man, that would really make your living room AWESOME!

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

It would probably be a bitch to dust, I imagine.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

You know, I really shouldn't be let loose near a computer--I just stupidly deleted a pair of comments that I shouldn't have:

Faithful TDOY commenter Stacia pointed me to where they're taking bids on Bullet...while also taking the time to point out: " not a fan of taxidermy."

And equally faithful commenter Pam observed: "And Bullet is small enough to move from room to room. The discreet addition of a few wheels and Bullet can go for walks!"

Apologies for the deletions -- clearly I've been at the blog for so long my reflexes have become impaired.

Stacia said...

That's OK, Ivan. But I probably shouldn't have read about putting a stuffed dog on wheels to go walkies before bedtime.

Linda said...

They're selling Trigger? What happened to the museum??? I saw all these when they were in Victorville in 1975 (or it might have been 1978--don't remember which trip, but I do remember the museum).

Brent McKee said...

They moved the museum from Victorville to Branson Missouri, and closed at the end of 2009, a victim of declining attendance and an aging fan-base, according to Roy Rogers Jr. This was six years after the move from Victorville California.

Do you think that maybe the move from Victorville to the home of kitsch - Branson - might have had a little something to do with the closure?

Tom said...

Too bad the Roy Rogers fast food chain isn't interested in these. People might enjoy looking at Trigger while they eat their fried chicken.