Friday, July 2, 2010

Posting light to variable

You know, you wouldn’t think a post like the preceding Crime Does Not Pay shorts would take up a lot of time but I’ll bet I spent close to 4-5 hours on that last night. It’s those darn screen caps…I’m beginning to see why I never used them before.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d take a quick moment or two to stand on a tiny soapbox and announce that posting is going to be scarcer than Faygo soda at Publix for the next couple of days—I’ve got a project I’m trying to complete but I’m also expecting a visit from sister Debbie, who’s winging her way (with her husband and my niece in tow) from I-o-way as I type this. (I know I don’t mention “Snip” on the blog as much as I do my other sister, Kat…but I don’t think Deb minds too much.) We’re really stoked about the visit (she was here briefly in March when I was laid up in hospital) and if I plan this right, we’ll be taking my niece Rachel to Athens’ legendary The Varsity. (And the crowd goes wild!)

Speaking of “the Classic City,” the Summer Movie Series kicks off this evening at Athens’ Cine (the local repertory theater) with Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)…and I’d really like to see this one on a big screen so maybe…just maybe…I can fit in a viewing sometime between now and July 8th. Other films scheduled to be shown are Babette’s Feast (1987), Days of Heaven (1978), To Kill a Mockingbird (1962), Seven Samurai (1954), The Birds (1963) and A Clockwork Orange (1971). Sister Kat’s aversion to black & white films is known the length and longth of the Internet, but I may make a pitch to her later today about seeing Mockingbird since that’s a particular favorite of hers.

And in the Tooting-My-Own-Horn Department, Shane over at Only Good fired a few questions at me some time back and assembled my responses into a really nice write-up…even if he did sort of get the name of the blog wrong in the first paragraph (but it does get corrected at the end). (I also no longer have to wait to get Turner Classic Movies, having obtained it on my CharredHer cable system when I moved to Athens in May of 2008.) I’ve got the birthday tributes pre-programmed, and if I can I’ll try to stop in at random moments if anything noteworthy should crop up during the visit. If I don’t, I wish everybody the grandest of holiday weekends!

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KimWilson said...

I think it would be cool to watch The Seven Samurai and The Birds on the big screen. As for a Clockwork Orange--I hope there won't be any DEA agents at the screening

Pam said...

Snip and Peanut! What a weekend. Enjoy.