Friday, July 16, 2010

What a crazy pair

Mike “Mr. Television” Doran mentioned this Patty Duke Show reunion in one of the comments sections—a public service announcement for Social Security. He did not, however, take the time to let me know where I could watch this so I had to do the legwork on my own…but it was worth it, and I present it here for your edification as well. (While it’s nice to see the remaining principals of the Duke Show reunited, it does provide prima facia proof that “nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.”)

And I liked this one only because the doctor’s reaction to learning that Patty and Cathy are “identical cousins” is falling-down funny. ("But that's genetically not possible!") You could lose your mind, doc.

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Pam said...


Mike Doran said...

Where I saw the PSA was on a local station here in Chicago known as THIS, which is part of a complex of digital stations.
THIS, along with ME-tv and MEtoo-tv, specialize in old tv shows and movies. They apparently don't sell a lot of commercial time, so are cdependent on in-ststion promos and PSAs to fill the time between acts of their shows.
In the case of the Patty Duke PSAs, they've been runing mainly within nightly repeats of (ready?) The Patty Duke Show! (Actualy 5:00 am, CDT - I don't get a whole hell of a lot of sleep.)
Anyway, Ivan, that's why I didn't mention where you could see it, because I don't know which outlets in your area run PSAs.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said... harm, no foul, buddy. I'm just glad you mentioned it--seeing the PSAs really made my day.

We have a local affiliate (WNEG-TV) that carries some THIS programming, mostly on Saturday mornings when there are a lot of Outer Limits shown and maybe a scattered Duke or Mister Ed. I have a feeling, however, that if Me-TV and Me-Too were offered in this neck of the woods I'd never leave the house!

Mike Doran said...

Well, since you asked ...

Starting last fall, MEtv programmed comedies exclusively, while MEtoo played dramas (loosely defined - Batman qualifies as drama here).

Where the ME stations really excel is in their promos.
Not long ago Mark Evanier put up a couple that Carl Reiner did for Dick Van Dyke - one of them in character as Alan Brady.
Another classic:Betty White as Sue Ann doing a saccharine spiel for Mary Tyler Moore, then turning away from the camera to snarl "Okay, who the hell wrote this ****?"
There's a Happy Days spot with Garry Marshall delivering the ultimate pitch line:
"It's a TV show! You'll like it!"
A spot for Roseanne shows her various sitcom tributes and callouts mixed and matched with clips from the actual shows (all of which are in ME's vaults).
My favorites are spots for Perry Mason.
One consists of a string of confession scenes, culminating in a clip from a Jack Benny Show with Jack asking why he always wins, and Raymond Burr shouting "Maybe my writers are better than yours!"
Yes, MEtv has Jack Benny too.
And Burns & Allen and Sergeant Bilko and Father Knows Best and early My Three Sons and so on.
And MEtoo has The Untouchables, Naked City(both versions), Route66, Combat!, Highway Patrol, and they just added M Squad.
(Just the other night they showed the M Squad episode that the Zuckers used as the model for their Police Squad pilot.The whole first half is scene-for-scene, camera setups, dialog, the works. My jaw hit the floor before I did.)
These are just the ones I can call to mind right now, sitting here. The guy who runs the ME stations, Neal Sabin, says he has over 100 different vintage series in stock, looking to add more all the time.

You wouldn't leave the house?
If you had MEtv and MEtoo, you might not leave your bed!
(And don't think I haven't thought about that!)