Saturday, July 10, 2010

What I'll buy when I finally get a Blu-Ray player #3

Yes, this is a two-fer…and the inspiration (and images) came from a post courtesy of TDOY pal 50 Westerns From The 50s.

A good while back, I got an e-mail from Warner Home Video touting one of the most amazing offers with which I’ve ever been presented: I could purchase Blu-Ray discs for the staggeringly low price of $4.95 apiece as an introductory “Switch to Blu-Ray” promotion. I looked through the offerings and although this may seem like a coinkydink—the only two films I was interested in obtaining were The Searchers (1956) and Rio Bravo (1959).

Keep in mind, I still haven’t made the giant technological leap to purchasing a Blu-Ray player—but I rationalized that it’d probably be a future Christmas request and so why not capitalize on these inexpensive discs in the interim? (I did a similar thing with VHS pre-records; I bought a stack of Goodtimes videocassettes before actually obtaining a VCR because they were on sale at a local K-Mart.)

Ah, but there was a catch. (There’s always a catch.) I would have to ship my DVD copies of Searchers and Bravo to WHV who, in return, would ship me the Blu-Ray editions. So I decided to pass.

But every so often…I wonder if I might not have made the wrong choice.

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Jeff Overturf said...

"Rio Bravo" has always been a favorite...John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson and Walter Brennan...just plain fun!!


Well, I find RIO BRAVO quite swell. It's my fathers favorite film too. But I always wonder how people can find this film better than EL DORADO. EL DORADO is really my favorite John Wayne western! It's my favorite western anyway. But my favorite John Wayne film certainly is HATARI!.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

But I always wonder how people can find this film better than EL DORADO.

Well, Clarissa it's always nice to find a kindred soul. There aren't many of us who prefer Dorado over Bravo but I'd rather watch the Duke and Big Bad Bob only because I enjoy both the maturity of the film (two aging gunman) and the fact that Wayne's character has to overcompensate for that bullet in his back.

fiftieswesterns said...

The Rio Bravo/El Dorado thing is like the old "Beatles or the Stones?" debate in high school.

You cannot be wrong.

I'm a Rio Bravo man myself. If for no other reason than the blood dripping into the glass on the bar.

And thanks for the plug!