Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The worst advice for a horrible life

You may recall that with the passing of “legendary actor” Peter Graves, American Advisers Group—the reverse mortgage company that specializes in ripping off elderly people 62 years and older—was in need of a new spokesman. According to Mother Jones, AAG has found their boy: 2008 GOP presidential contender, former senator from Tennessee and one-time Law & Order D.A., “Lazy” Fred Dalton Thompson…

I thought it was interesting that AAG chose to introduce FDT as a “senator” rather than a “legendary actor”…though I personally think “weaselly dirtbag” would be a more apt title. Clark Howard, who may be an annoying prat at times but definitely knows his bidness, points out what a colossal rip-off the reverse mortgage shell game is…and Creative Loafing mentions the unpleasantly stubborn fact that “regulators in six states have reprimanded AAG for deceiving customers. Massachusetts briefly shut down AAG’s operation.”

Erick Erickson, CNN douchebag and point man at Peach Pundit, had nothing but glowing praise in 2007 for the man whom my Mom adores despite the fact that he’s a walking definition of the word “tool”:

Conservatives see the world in the form of principles by which we lead our lives. Thompson, to his credit, when he first ran put out a list of principles — not policy statements or action items or anything else — principles by which he would govern. Liberals can’t do that. They have no principles any more. The only principle they have is the accumulation of power. That’s it. That’s the only principle.

Creative Loafing again: “Either Erickson thinks ripping off old people is a conservative principle, or he's a horrendous judge of character. Maybe it's a little of both.”

I’m just glad the essobee didn’t get the opportunity to get his hands on my parents’ Social Security.

Thompson photo courtesy of Dickipedia, which raced to the top of my bookmark list once I discovered the site.

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