Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

Fred C. Newmeyer (1888, director [and former actor] who worked at the Hal Roach Studios and helmed many of Harold Lloyd’s classic shorts and features including Grandma’s Boy, Safety Last!, Why Worry?, Girl Shy, The Freshman, etc.)

Kathleen Lockhart (1894, character actress who can be seen in films like A Christmas Carol, Love Crazy, Roughly Speaking and Plymouth Adventure; wife of actor Gene and mother of Facebook chum June)

Nat Pendleton (1895, burly character actor/former Olympic wrestler whose specialty in the movies was playing gangsters and henchmen; earns props for his role as a comic heavy in Abbott & Costello’s Buck Privates and Buck Privates Come Home)

Paul Kelly (1899, square-jawed character actor seen in vehicles like The Roaring Twenties, Invisible Stripes, Tarzan’s New York Adventure, San Antonio, Fear in the Night and Crossfire; also the hero in the 1942 serial The Secret Code)

Charles Ferrell (1900, actor, one-time mayor of Palm Springs, CA and “star of Seventh Heaven,” as they used to joke on The Jack Benny Program; also played dad to Gale Storm on the sitcom classic My Little Margie)

Tom Tyler (1903, pictured, he-man cowboy star of silent/sound Westerns and serials; best remembered for his starring roles in the cliffhanger classics Adventures of Captain Marvel and The Phantom and for his role as Stony Brooke in the later entries of the Three Mesquiteers film series)

Robert Surtees (1905, Academy Award-winning cinematographer whose films include Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, King Solomon’s Mines, Quo Vadis, The Bad and the Beautiful, Oklahoma!, Ben-Hur, Mutiny on the Bounty and The Last Picture Show)

A.I. Bezzerides (1908, proletarian author/screenwriter who made invaluable contributions to films like They Drive by Night, Juke Girl, Thieves’ Highway, On Dangerous Ground and Kiss Me Deadly; also created TV’s The Big Valley)

Robert Aldrich (1918, TDOY director fave who helmed such classics as Vera Cruz, Kiss Me Deadly, Attack, The Last Sunset, The Flight of the Phoenix, The Dirty Dozen, The Grissom Gang, Ulzana's Raid, Emperor of the North Pole and The Longest Yard)

Allen “Farina” Hoskins (1920, Little Rascal)

John Stephenson (1923, 87, OTR veteran/character actor and voice artist for more cartoons than you’ve had hot dinners, including work on Ruff and Reddy, The Flintstones, Top Cat, Jonny Quest, etc.; also played the despicable Roger Crutcher on the sitcom The Peoples’ Choice )

Robert Shaw (1927, British actor-playwright whose best thespian work was in films includes From Russia with Love, A Man for All Seasons, The Sting, The Taking of Pelham One-Two-Three, Jaws, End of the Game and Black Sunday)

Merle Kilgore (1934, country music singer/songwriter who wrote such classics as Ring of Fire, Wolverton Mountain and Johnny Reb; one-time manager/opening act for Hank Williams, Jr.)

Dick Anthony Williams (1938, 72, peerless stage, film and television character actor seen in vehicles such as Up Tight!, The Anderson Tapes, The Mack, Heart of the City and Homefront)

Clint Ritchie (1938, film and television character actor who’s best remembered as Clint Buchanan on the TV soap One Live to Live)

Burton Gilliam (1938, 72, character actor who excels at playing comical rednecks in films like Paper Moon, Blazing Saddles, Thunderbolt and Lightning and Hearts of the West; associated with Burt Reynolds in films like Gator and the TV sitcom Evening Shade)

David Steinberg (1942, 68, stand-up comedian/writer who earned controversy for his “sermons” on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour; later helmed episodes of TV sitcoms like Newhart, Evening Shade, Designing Women and Mad About You)

Sam Elliott (1944, 66, deep voiced cowboy character actor who’s brightened films like Mask, Shakedown, The Desperate Trail, The Big Lebowski, The Contender and Thank You For Smoking)

Melanie Griffith (1957, 53, smokin’ hot actress seen in Night Moves, Smile, Body Double, Something Wild, Stormy Monday, The Milagro Beanfield War, Working Girl, Nobody’s Fool and Another Day in Paradise; daughter of ‘Tippi’ Hedren)

Amanda Bearse (1958, 52, film/television actress best known for her appearances in Fright Night and on TV’s Married with Children; later became a director of TV sitcoms like Dharma & Greg, Reba, MADtv…and Married with Children)

Whitney Houston (1963, 47, troublesome Grammy Award-winning R&B diva and actress [The Bodyguard, The Preacher’s Wife, Waiting to Exhale])

Gillian Anderson (1968, 42, film and television actress who achieved TV immortality as Agent Dana Scully on the cult series The X-Files)

Daniela Denby-Ashe (1978, 32, British television actress best known here at TDOY as the vapid and shallow daughter Jenny Harper on the Britcom My Family)

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hobbyfan said...

It should be duly noted, Ivan, that John Stephenson also had made several guest appearances on Hogan's Heroes, and worked on Dragnet early in the revival run (1967-70) as the narrator, especially at the end of the show.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Duly noted! And shame on me for forgetting both of these gigs!