Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

Hugh Herbert (1884, fluttery second banana who can be very funny in films like Hook, Line and Sinker, Million Dollar Legs, Diplomaniacs and Hellzapoppin’—but in other vehicles is akin to experiencing a root canal)

Henry O’Neill (1891, venerable character actor seen in such TDOY faves as Black Fury, The Walking Dead, Bullets or Ballots, Marked Woman, Castle on the Hudson, Whistling in the Dark, Whistling in Brooklyn, The Reckless Moment and Scandal Sheet)

Alan Crosland (1894, silent/sound motion picture director who helmed classics like The Beloved Rogue, Old San Francisco, The Jazz Singer, The Case of the Howling Dog and The Case of the Black Cat)

Walter Lang (1896, silent/sound motion picture director who helmed classics like The Little Princess, Tin Pan Alley, Coney Island, Sitting Pretty, Cheaper by the Dozen, On the Riviera, Call Me Madam, The King and I and Desk Set)

Jack Haley (1898, multi-talented performer who starred in such celluloid vehicles as Poor Little Rich Girl, Pigskin Parade, Wake Up and Live, Hold That Co-Ed, Navy Blues, Moon Over Miami…and of course, The Wizard of Oz)

Curt Siodmak (1902, screenwriter who contributed to such films as The Invisible Man Returns, The Invisible Woman, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, I Walked With a Zombie, Son of Dracula and Donovan’s Brain)

Norma Shearer (1902, leading lady of the silent/sound silver screen who starred in such films as He Who Gets Slapped, The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg, The Divorcee, A Free Soul, Romeo and Juliet, Marie Antoinette, Idiot’s Delight and The Women)

Noah Beery, Jr. (1913, peerless character actor who excelled at roles in B-westerns and serials but remains revered here at TDOY for his signature role as Joseph “Rocky” Rockford, father of P.I. Jim Rockford in the TV classic The Rockford Files)

Jeff Corey (1914, peerless stage, film, television and radio character actor who also excelled as an acting coach and had memorable roles in the likes of Brute Force, Canon City, Follow Me Quietly, Fourteen Hours, In Cold Blood, True Grit and Little Big Man)

Rhonda Fleming (1923, 87, luscious redhead seen in movies like Spellbound, The Spiral Staircase, Out of the Past, The Great Lover, Cry Danger, Tennessee’s Partner, While the City Sleeps, The Killer is Loose, Slightly Scarlet and Alias Jesse James)

Martha Hyer (1924, 86, venerable character actress seen in movies like Roughshod, The Clay Pigeon, The Lawless, So Big, Down Three Dark Streets, Sabrina, The Delicate Delinquent, Houseboat, Some Came Running and Bikini Beach)

Eddie Fisher (1928, 82, actor-singer [Bundle of Joy, Butterfield 8] and from what I have read a first-class schnook; pop to actress Carrie)

Jimmy Dean (1928, country music legend, actor [Daniel Boone, Diamonds are Forever] and breakfast sausage mogul)

Tom Laughlin (1931, 79, actor-writer-director whose famous contribution to the silver screen, Billy Jack, is a pacifist who beats the sh*t out of people)

Bobby Hatfield (1940, Righteous Brother)

Ronnie Spector (1943, 67, Ronette)

Patti Austin (1948, 62, R&B singer-songwriter [Baby, Come to Me, How Do You Keep the Music Playing])

Diane Venora (1952, 58, pictured with Al Pacino, TDOY actress fave who played Dr. Geri Infante on Chicago Hope but has also been in Wolfen, F/X, Bird, Heat, The Jackal, True Crime and The Insider)

Rick Overton (1954, 56, stand-up comedian and actor seen in films like Beverly Hills Cop, Gung Ho, Groundhog Day, Mrs. Doubtfire and Edtv)

Clint McElroy (1955, 55, stage/film actor and comic-book writer who I couldn’t believe has an entry at the IMDb; I knew him back in college when he worked as a news reporter and was WKEE’s “Spud Rimshot”)

Rosanna Arquette (1959. 51, TDOY actress fave seen in the likes of Baby It’s You, Desperately Seeking Susan, Silverado, After Hours, Pulp Fiction and Crash; inspiration for hit Toto song)

Antonio Banderas (1960, 50, handsome leading man that my former co-worker Tammy and I used to do impressions of, laughing ourselves silly)

Angie Harmon (1972, 38, lovely-to-look-at actress whom I loved on Law & Order despite her politics)

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Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to the glamorous Norma Shearer (one of my favorite actresses)

Scott C. said...

MST3K fans will remember Noah Beery, Jr. from his role as the tiresome Texas-centric flight engineer in the seminal Season Two episode ROCKETSHIP X-M.