Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

Don Carney (1889, OTR’s “Uncle Don”)

Lloyd Hamilton (1891, neglected silent comedy great whose fitfully funny shorts include Jonah Jones, Careful Please, Nobody’s Business, Crushed, The Movies and the classic Move Along [depicted in the photo])

Olga Baclanova (1896, silent/sound film actress who can be seen in such vehicles as The Man Who Laughs, The Docks of New York and Downstairs…but has gained cinema notoriety as the treacherous Cleopatra in the 1932 horror movie classic Freaks)

Eleanor Boardman (1898, silent/sound film actress who makes a tremendous impression in films such as Souls for Sale, Bardelys the Magnificent, The Crowd, Tell it to the Marines, The Squaw Man, etc.)

Charlie Hall (1899, ubiquitous Hal Roach Studios character great and nemesis to Laurel & Hardy in such classics as Them Thar Hills, Tit for Tat, etc.)

Colleen Moore (1899, silent/sound film actress who epitomized the “flapper” in movies like The Perfect Flapper, Flaming Youth, Ella Cinders, Twinkletoes, etc.)

Fran Striker (1903, WXYZ radio scribe who created both the Lone Ranger and the Green Hornet…as well as guiding the adventures of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon)

Philo T. Farnsworth (1906, father of television)

June Collyer (1904, film and television character actress who can be seen in such flicks as East Side, West Side, Four Sons and Hangman’s House…but is best remembered as the wife of comedian Stu Erwin and for playing his wife Trudy on The Trouble With Father; sister of radio actor/MC Clayton “Bud” Collyer)

Collier Young (1908, writer-producer who, in founding The Filmakers, contributed to the likes of Never Fear, Outrage, Beware, My Lovely, The Hitch-Hiker, The Bigamist and Private Hell 36; later produced TV classics such as Mr. Adams and Eve, One Step Beyond, The Wild Wild West and Ironside)

Barry Kelley (1908, ubiquitous character actor spotted in such vehicles as Force of Evil, The Undercover Man, Knock on Any Door, Too Late for Tears, The File on Thelma Jordon, The Asphalt Jungle, The Well, Women’s Prison, New York Confidential, etc.)

Ring Lardner, Jr. (1915, Academy Award-winning screenwriter and member of the “Hollywood Ten” who contributed to the likes of Woman of the Year, The Cross of Lorraine, Cloak and Dagger, Forever Amber, The Big Night, The Cincinnati Kid and MASH)

Marie Wilson (1916, archetypal “dumb blonde” whose legacy has been cemented playing ditzy Irma Peterson in both the radio and TV versions of the sitcom My Friend Irma and the movies My Friend Irma and My Friend Irma Goes West)

Gene Roddenberry (1921, writer-producer whose early work on TV shows like Have Gun – Will Travel and Highway Patrol led to his launching of the mega-successful Star Trek franchise [Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation], Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda)

William Marshall (1924, impressive film, TV and stage thesp best remembered for his roles in Blacula and Scream, Blacula, Scream…but who also makes appearances in The Boston Strangler, Abby and Twilight’s Last Gleaming; also played “The King of Cartoons” on Pee-wee’s Playhouse)

Angus Scrimm (1926, 84, scary villainous actor best known for his appearances in the Phantasm films [aka “The Tall Man”])

L.Q. Jones (1927, 83, film and television character actor whose movies include Battle Cry, Men in War and The Naked and the Dead; also had regular TV gigs on Cheyenne and The Virginian and dabbled in feature film directing, notably A Boy and His Dog)

Debra Paget (1933, 77, film and television actress seen in the likes of Cry of the City, It Happens Every Spring, House of Strangers, Broken Arrow, Fourteen Hours, Prince Valiant, Princess of the Nile, Demetrius and the Gladiators, Love Me Tender, etc.)

Diana Muldaur (1938, 72, ubiquitous television actress seen everywhere in the 60s, 70s and 80s—fondly remembered here at TDOY for playing girlfriend Chris Coughlin on McCloud and the evil Rosalind Shays on L.A. Law…who went out with a memorable demise)

Jill St. John (1940, 70, smokin’ hot actress seen in such vehicles as Come Blow Your Horn, Who’s Minding the Store?, Fame is the Name of the Game, Tony Rome, Diamonds are Forever and TV’s Emerald Point N.A.S.)

Johnny Nash (1940, 70, pop music vocalist [Hold on Tight, I Can See Clearly Now] and warbler of the theme song to The Mighty Hercules cartoons)

Fred Dalton Thompson (1942, 68, Watergate lawyer, actor, former U.S. Senator, former GOP Presidential contender, current AAG spokesman…and un dickhead formidable)

Billy J. Kramer (1943, 67, lead singer of the Dakotas)

Gerald McRaney (1947, 63, television icon [Simon & Simon, Major Dad, Promised Land, Deadwood, Jericho])

Tipper Gore (1948, 62, wife of former Vice President Al and scourge of anyone who wants to listen to whatever type of music they damn well please)

Jonathan Frakes (1952, 58, actor-director best known for his role as Commander William T. Riker in numerous permutations of the Star Trek franchise; also had roles on Bare Essence, Paper Dolls and Falcon Crest)

Mary Matalin (1953, 57, hysterically shrill Republican shrew who would disappear if someone were to throw a bucket of water on her)

Peter Gallagher (1955, 55, film and television actor seen in such vehicles as sex, lies and videotape, Late for Dinner, The Player, Bob Roberts, Short Cuts, Malice, While You Were Sleeping, The Hudsucker Proxy, American Beauty and on TV’s The O.C.)

Adam Arkin (1956, 54, TDOY actor fave fondly remembered for TV turns on Busting Loose, Big Wave Dave’s, Northern Exposure and Chicago Hope; son of TDOY actor fave Alan)

Darby Hinton (1957, 53, moppet actor who played Fess Parker’s son Israel on Daniel Boone)

Martin Donovan (1957, 53, TDOY actor fave seen in Trust, Simple Men, Nadja, The Opposite of Sex, Insomnia, The United States of Leland and on TV shows like Pasadena and Weeds)

Kyra Sedgwick (1965, 45, film and television actress best known for her starring turn on TV’s The Closer but she’s also appeared in Born on the Fourth of July, Singles, Heart and Souls and Losing Chase; no degree of separation from Kevin Bacon)

Maria de Medeiros (1965, 45, Portuguese actress who I liked very much in Pulp Fiction but I haven’t seen her in anything else)

Lee Ann Womack (1966, 44, country music vocalist [Ashes by Now, I Hope You Dance, I May Hate Myself in the Morning])

Clay Walker (1969, 41, country music vocalist [What’s It to You, Dreaming with My Eyes Wide Open, Rumor Has It])

Matthew Perry (1969, 41, phenomenally popular film and television actor who was on that hit NBC sitcom about the six chums who lived in fabulous NYC apartments despite being flat broke and unemployed half the time)

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The Floating Red Couch said...

I was just talking to someone about how awesomely raunchy and wonderfully profane movies were in the 80's (pre-Tipper).

My only qualm with the liberals: social nannying