Saturday, August 21, 2010

We interrupt this weekend for a late-breaking bulletin…

J.D. at Radiator Heaven will fete director John Carpenter with a blogathon that will run from October 3-9 and because I had the foresight to hang onto at least one Carpenter flick during the Great eBay DVD Purge of 2006, that’s the one I’ll tackle. (Of course, there are plenty of fine films to choose from, and Netflix operators are standing by.)

Timeless Media Group is announcing a new TV-on-DVD release entitled NBC Western TV Legends—which, according to, will be released on October 19th. The single disc collection will contain the first episodes of The Virginian (“The Executioners” [09/19/62]), Wagon Train (“The Willy Moran Story” [09/18/57]), Laredo (“Lazyfoot, Where are You?” [09/16/65]) and Laramie (“Stage Stop” [09/15/59]). The last episode is the only one not yet made available to DVD (unless Timeless gets on the stick with the first two seasons of Laramie); the other three are already present and accounted for—but the SRP on this DVD is $9.98 so that’s not a bad price for a collection that might make a swell gift for a TV westerns fan who’s unsure about making a commitment to buying the entire output of the shows.

When I received this e-mail notice yesterday, TSOD announced that the collection would consist of pilots—something that they have since backtracked on, because I knew right off the bat that the Laredo pilot was a Virginian episode entitled “We’ve Lost a Train” (04/21/65) and that wasn’t mentioned as being on the disc. The Virginian’s pilot was also not among on the DVD’s contents, either—originally, the character was conceived as more of a “dandy” rather than the black-vested guy we’ve come to know and played by James Drury. Here’s the pilot’s intro on YouTube (they won’t let me embed this sucker).

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Scott said...

Wow. Helluva masthead, Ivan.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Yeah, it's a little too ostentatious...I'm trying to find something a bit smaller but that will have to do until I locate what I want.

Brent McKee said...

Actually I like the masthead, although it looks as though you picked it up at the Shorpy blog. In fact I think I commented on that very photo. Come to think of it (well actually a check at their archives) I did comment on that photo - The Alamo Theater in Washington DC.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Actually I like the masthead, although it looks as though you picked it up at the Shorpy blog.

I didn't consciously swipe it from them--I grabbed it from somebody else, who probably got it there in the first place. But it made me check to see if they were using it as their banner 'cause I'd feel self-conscious about copying somebody's masthead.

The one that Scott's referring to is the one I had up before the "Shorpy"--a display of title cards which I liked, but it was, to paraphrase Diana Canova's character in The First Nudie Musical, "jost too beeg." So I think I'll hang onto it for a bit.

Rick Brooks said...

Not to pick on TV Shows on DVD, but the language in the CORRECTION on the TV Western legends item amuses me:

"In our original version of this report, we used the word "pilot" to describe these episodes. That was incorrect. We regret any confusion our poor word choice caused."

Poor word choice? Yeah, you were wrong! Why don't they just say, "Sorry for being wrong"?