Friday, August 20, 2010

When the rain starts to fall

From the L.A. Times’ The Big Picture:

Jennifer Aniston: Exactly why is she a movie star?

Aniston's biggest hit was "Marley & Me," though it's something of a stretch to say that she was the driving force for the film's box-office triumph. Or as Simmons puts it: "They could have made this movie with Betty White playing Owen Wilson's wife and it still would have made $100 million." So why hasn't Aniston faded into obscurity, ya know, like Matt LeBlanc and some of the other "Friends" lesser lights? Here's a condensed version of Simmons' theory:

"Because of the Angelina/Brad/Jennifer love triangle, which is like Brett Favre's comeback/retirement/comeback routine multiplied by 10, but has been cruising along for twice as long. The saga evolved in various forms: the betrayal itself; the aftermath, when Aniston licked her wounds as "Brangelina" took off; her futile search for a bounce-back boyfriend; the Brangelina clan expanding; everyone feeling worse and worse for Aniston, with her finally admitting that she was still bummed out; the Brangelina clan expanding again; Aniston's weird dalliance with the much younger John Mayer, which ended when he talked out of school about her; the Brangelina clan expanding again; Aniston approaching her 40th birthday and wanting a baby; the Brangelina clan producing twins; Aniston hitting 40 with no baby or husband; Aniston passing 40 with no baby or husband. People can't get enough of this stuff. Aniston resonates with women like no other celebrity. No matter how wealthy or famous or good-looking she is, the nuts and bolts of Aniston's "tragic" story could have happened to anyone: She lost her scummy husband to a seductive co-worker. Maybe it was the worst thing that ever happened to her personally, but professionally? Godsend."

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VP81955 said...

Yeah, Jennifer Aniston is to bon bon-eating shopgirls what Brett Favre is to beer-drinking frat boys, with the media the only difference. Aniston is a cash cow to People magazine (and has been a boon to Time Inc. magazine sales ever since the heyday of the overrated "Friends"), while Favre does likewise for ESPN, which probably helps him coordinate his annual "will he or won't he play" kabuki dance every summer.

Stacia said...

The theory presumes all women care about is gossip and men and babies. Kind of insulting.

I don't hate Aniston in the least, but she could have put an end to the tiresome threesome tabloid act if she wanted to and never did. It's made me lose interest. Yet I wonder what these weird anti-Aniston articles are all about, considering Hollywood has a lengthy history of tabloid tales: Bogey and Methot having drunken fights, Bette and Arthur in drunken fights, Errol Flynn and his protege, Tracy and Hepburn's illicit romance, the Liz-Debbie-Eddie triangle, etc. etc. This is nothing new. Why is the LA Times complaining? They know better than that.