Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy birthday, Duchess!

Back in 1973, a young fourth grader who would later grow up to become a professional slacker and author of one of the Internets’ most respected nostalgia weblogs* stopped to get a drink from the school’s water fountain. From out of nowhere, this Amazonian leapt in front of me before I could quench my thirst and pushed me aside, her words still ringing in my ears to this day: “This is my water fountain, punk!”

That’s how my best friend Deb and I met, although if you ask her how it happened she’d more than likely have a different take—sort of like one of those sitcom episodes where everybody tells the same story but makes themselves the hero or heroine of the piece. But ever since that fateful day, she and I have been, as the youngsters say nowadays, BFFs—through good times and bad, through richer and poorer. (The only reason we never got married is because with my luck we’d move to a state that had the death penalty...and although I’d stick my arm in fire “up to here” for her I couldn’t stay manacled to her for more than a week before I end up killing her.)

Today is her (mumble mumble) birthday, and she was supposed to give me a phone call last night to let me know where she would be this weekend so that I could call her later on and give her periodic updates on the progress in the WVU-LSU game that will take place on ESPN2 this evening at 9:00 pm EDT (she’s in an undisclosed location that doesn’t have access to the channel). But she’s also got a lot on her plate right now—she’s just recently escaped from a lengthy hospital stay, her daughter is getting married next month, and she’s also helping her husband out at a gun show. I’m probably going to catch hell for posting this on the blog but I just wanted to tell her how much her friendship has meant to me for the past thirty-five-odd years and to hope for many, many more. Happy birthday, sweet thang—I love you!

*Yes, I'm referring to me.

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