Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy birthday today to...

Pinto Colvig (1892, legendary voice artist who worked for Walt Disney [as the voice of Goofy, Pluto, Sneezy, Dopey and Practical Pig], Max Fleischer [Gabby in Gulliver’s Travels] and Warner Brothers; also the original Bozo the Clown)

Jimmie Davis (1899, country music singer-songwriter [You Are My Sunshine, Nobody’s Darling but Mine] and two-time governor of Louisiana [1944-48, 1960-64])

Anne Seymour (1909, film and television character actress seen in such vehicles as All the King’s Men, The Gift of Love, Home from the Hill, Pollyanna, Good Neighbor Sam, Mirage and on TV’s Empire and The Tim Conway Show)

Herbert Lom (1917, 93, film and television character actor seen in such movies as Hotel Reserve, The Seventh Veil, Night and the City, The Ladykillers, Flame Over India, Spartacus, Mysterious Island and as Inspector Dreyfus in the Pink Panther films)

Henderson Forsythe (1917, OTR, stage, film and television veteran remembered by legions of soap opera fans as Dr. David Stewart on As the World Turns)

Betsy Drake (1923, 87, film and television actress seen in such vehicles as The Second Woman and Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?; also co-starred with then-husband Cary Grant in Every Girl Should Be Married and Room for One More)

Lee Richardson (1926, film and television character actor best-known as Dominic Prizzi in Prizzi’s Honor but can also be glimpsed in Prince of the City, Daniel, Sweet Lorraine, The Believers and as the narrator of Network)

Earl Holliman (1928, 82, pictured, television icon [Hotel de Paree, The Wide Country, Police Woman, Delta, NightMan])

Cathryn Damon (1930, film and television actress best remembered for her roles as long-suffering Mary Campbell on Soap and Cassie Parker on Webster)

Tom Dreesen (1939, 71, stand-up comedian and one-time partner of Tim Reid)

Julie Payne (1940, 70, TDOY actress-voice artist fave seen in such vehicles as Real Life and TV’s The Duck Factory, The Tracey Ullman Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Brian De Palma (1940, motion picture director whose oeuvre includes Greetings, Hi, Mom!, Sisters, Phantom of the Paradise, Carrie, Obsession, The Fury, Dressed to Kill, Blow Out, Scarface, Body Double and The Untouchables)

Lola Falana (1942, 68, actress-singer known as the “First Lady of Las Vegas”; in addition to a multitude of television guest shots can be seen in such films as A Man Called Adam, Black Tigress, The Liberation of L.B. Jones and Lady Cocoa)

Felton Perry (1945, 65, film and television character presence seen in vehicles like Trouble Man, Walking Tall, Magnum Force, Mean Dog Blues, Weeds and the RoboCop movies and on TV’s L.A. Law and Hooperman)

Amy Madigan (1950, 60, film and television actress whose movies include Love Letters, Streets of Fire, Places in the Heart, Alamo Bay, Twice in a Lifetime, The Prince of Pennsylvania, Field of Dreams, Uncle Buck and Pollock)

Tony Gilroy (1956, 54, motion picture writer-director whose credits include Dolores Claiborne, The Devil’s Advocate, The Bourne Identity, Michael Clayton and Duplicity)

Anne Ramsay (1960, 50, TDOY actress fave seen in such vehicles as Class Action, A League of Their Own and Planet of the Apes; her extensive TV resume includes roles on Mad About You, Dharma & Greg, The L Word, Six Feet Under, Related, Dexter and Hawthorne)

Virginia Madsen (1961, 49, TDOY actress fave seen in such vehicles as Dune, Creator, Modern Girls, Slam Dance, The Hot Spot, Candyman, Bordello of Blood, Ghosts of Mississippi, The Rainmaker and Sideways)

Elizabeth Daily (1961, 49, actress/voice artist best remembered for her role in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and as the vocalist of the closing song in Better Off Dead; can also be heard on Cave Kids, Jungle Cubs, Quack Pack, Rugrats, Baby Blues and The Powerpuff Girls)

Kristy McNichol (1962, 48, insufferably precocious moppet actress beloved by my sister Kat on programs like Apple’s Way, Family and Empty Nest)

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