Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

Sorry about the tardiness with today’s birthday shout-outs…spent the night at the ‘rents and used what time I could have preparing these on a Gunsmoke marathon…

Max Schreck (1879, German film and stage actor whose vampire portrayal in Nosferatu has made him an iconic figure to this day)

Florenz Ames (1883, film, stage and television character actor whom I always remember as old man Applegate in the Mickey Mouse Club Hardy Boys serial The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure; also played J.C. Dithers on the 1957 sitcom version of Blondie)

Otto Kruger (1895, film, stage and television character actor whose vehicles include Beauty for Sale, The Prizefighter and the Lady, Dracula’s Daughter, They Won’t Forget, Saboteur, Cover Girl, Murder, My Sweet, Smart Woman and High Noon)

Joseph P. Kennedy (1888, formidable head of the powerful Kennedy family who before becoming an U.S. Ambassador dabbled in motion picture production with the money he made from bootlegging)

John Charles Thomas (1889, legendary operatic baritone)

Clara Kimball Young (1890, silent/sound film actress-producer whose movies include My Official Wife, Lola, Hearts in Exile, The Price She Paid, Eyes of Youth, Kept Husbands and the serials The Black Coin and The Mysterious Pilot)

Rowland V. Lee (1891, journeyman motion picture director whose oeuvre includes The Ruling Voice, The Guilty Generation, Zoo in Budapest, I Am Suzanne!, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Toast of New York and Son of Frankenstein)

Irving Bacon (1893, unsung character thesp seen in a bazillion movies and TV shows, notably as the mailman in the early Blondie films produced at Columbia and the soda jerk in W.C. Fields’ Never Give a Sucker an Even Break)

Billy Rose (1899, Broadway impresario, songwriter and producer of stage extravaganzas)

Joseph Vitale (1901, unsung character thesp seen in such films as The Falcon in Mexico, Road to Rio, The Paleface, Red, Hot and Blue, My Friend Irma Goes West, Fancy Pants, New York Confidential and A Bullet for Joey)

“Slapsie Maxie” Rosenbloom (1904, professional boxer turned character presence [usually play a punch-drunk boxer] in films like Kelly the Second, Nothing Sacred, The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, Each Dawn I Die and The Boogie Man Will Get You)

Ray McCarey (1904, young brother of director Leo who helmed vehicles like Free Eats, Scram!, Men in Black, Three Little Pigskins, Torchy Runs for Mayor, So This is Washington, Atlantic City and The Falcon’s Alibi)

John Wald (1908, OTR announcing great who worked on such shows as The Great Gildersleeve, Fibber McGee & Molly and The Six Shooter; also can be glimpsed/heard in such films as Body and Soul, Nightmare Alley, Canon City and Ma and Pa Kettle)

Michael Gordon (1909, motion picture director whose career was briefly sidetracked due to the blacklist; his movies include Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood, The Web, Another Part of the Forest, An Act of Murder, The Lady Gambles and Pillow Talk)

John Berry (1917, another blacklist victim who directed such films as Miss Susie Slagle’s, From This Day Forward, Cross My Heart, Casbah, Tension, He Ran All the Way, Tamango, Maya, Claudine and Thieves)

Jay Stewart (1918, longtime announcer-sidekick to Monty Hall on TV’s Let’s Make a Deal; also worked on You Don’t Say, Second Chance, It’s Anybody’s Guess, The Joker’s Wild, The New Tic Tac Dough and Sale of the Century)

John Mitchum (1919, younger brother of TDOY acting god Robert who was always on hand whenever they needed a bartender in a Western; also played Clint Eastwood’s cinematic partner in Dirty Harry, Magnum Force and The Enforcer)

Leonard Kilbrick (1924, Little Rascal)

Bernie Winters (1932, British television comedian famous for his double act with brother Mike)

Jody McCrea (1934, son of TDOY acting god Joel who co-starred with his pop in the TV western Wichita Town; best known as “Deadhead/Bonehead” in the Beach Party movies)

Jo Anne Worley (1937, 73, pictured, head-scarved comedienne who cemented her fame on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In; guest-star on zillions of television shows including two appearances on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis)

Sergio Aragones (1933, 77, legendary MAD magazine cartoonist famous for his cartoons scrawled in the magazine’s “margins”)

David Allan Coe (1939, 71, country music singer-songwriter [You Never Even Called Me By My Name, The Ride] and one of the few country music artists to actually do time in prison)

Carol Wayne (1942, television actress-comedienne who was on practically every game show during the 70s/80s; best remembered as the “Matinee Lady” in “The Tea Time Movie” sketches on the Carson show [with Johnny as unctuous host Art Fern])

Swoosie Kurtz (1944, 66, TDOY actress goddess who’s best known as sister Alex on the TV series Sisters; also appeared in such shows as Mary, Love, Sidney and Pushing Daisies and in films like Wildcats, Dangerous Liaisons and Citizen Ruth)

Jane Curtin (1947, 63, Not Ready for Prime Time player and television icon [Kate & Allie, Working it Out, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Crumbs])

Michael Winslow (1958, 52, actor-comedian whose shtick as a human sound effects machine was prominently featured in the Police Academy movies and TV series [they made a Police Academy TV show?])

Jeff Foxworthy (1958, 52, stand-up comedian who’s made a career out of telling us we might be rednecks even though smarter people know this not to be the case)

Rosie Perez (1964, 46, shrill actress whose dentist-drill whine of a voice can unfortunately be heard in such vehicles as Do the Right Thing, White Men Can’t Jump, Fearless, It Could Happen to You, A Brother’s Kiss and Riding in Cars With Boys)

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