Monday, November 15, 2010

Please stand by

Normally at this time, I’d be putting the finishing touches on this week’s Mayberry Mondays feature—but I regret to inform (institute deadpan) the vast TDOY readership (end deadpan) that I’m not going to have it done in time this evening…and to continue to come clean, probably won’t have it completed until next week (it’s not even going to be a Mayberry Tuesday). There are several reasons for this—a series of distractions, interruptions and procrastination in general but to be completely honest…this particular episode is one of the worst I’ve watched, and it’s just been difficult getting motivated to sit through it again for purposes of snark. It’s worse than “Youth Takes Over,” which at the very least had a guest appearance from Andy Griffith as its saving grace.

Since confession is good for the soul, I’ll also plead guilty and admit that I sat down and watched the third installment of TCM’s Moguls and Movie Stars series about an hour ago—and you want to talk about logrolling in our time: not only does Bobby Osbo introduce this segment, but halfway through the darn thing he’s one of the interviewees! How he managed not to mention himself in the introduction—“You’ll hear from Richard Zanuck, Samuel Goldwyn, Jr., Daniel Selznick…and oh, of course, me”—just shows the depths of his humility, I suppose.

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Hal said...

Worse than "Youth Takes Over"? You now have me anxiously waiting for this writeup. :)

mndean said...

Worse than "Youth Takes Over"? Yes! I'll bet there are even worse to come than the next. I saw this series as a kid and thought watching paint dry was more entertaining. In fact my fantasy episode of RFD is about just that - the Mayberry intelligentsia (Goober, Emmett, Howard, Sam) sit on a bench watching a building being painted, and do nothing but talk about the building, the paint, etc. Then they each take a tab of acid...and nothing about them changes, even their hallucinations are too banal for words.

Stacia said...


By the way, sweetie, it seems your RSS feed may be on the fritz. The last one updated on November 11. I should mention that I have no idea how to even fix an RSS feed when it stops working. How helpful am I? Not helpful at all!

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

By the way, sweetie, it seems your RSS feed may be on the fritz.

Pfft is right. I've been trying to fix this problem for the past three days and it's left me...well, pffted off. I've tried practically everything--and the really frustrating thing is that the people at Blogger 1) have not addressed the problem, and b) know it exists because there have been similar reports from similar blogs.