Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

Well, I really have no explanation for why this is so late today—I had several irons in the fire and rather than go into detail I think I’ll spare you the sordid story…except to point out that I did score some first-rate nachos out of the deal, prepared by yours truly.  (I won’t win any culinary competitions with my cooking but I will brag that my nachos are kick-ass.)  The only celebrity that comes close to the Nine-Oh mark is Bob Barker, who turns eighty-seven today…and who, in the tradition of those stray pets he was always going on about, is having himself neutered for the occasion.  (Okay, I may have made that up.)  So, hats off to today’s birthday crowd and hopefully tomorrow’s will have slightly less filler:

Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880) – Author of Madame Bovary

Edvard Munch (1863-1944) – Norwegian artist who painted The Scream

Laura Hope Crews (1879-1942) – Stage and screen character actress whose vehicles include Camille, Confession, The Rains Came, Gone with the Wind, The Blue Bird and One Foot in Heaven

Owen Moore (1886-1939) – Irish-born stage and screen actor whose vehicles include Cinderella, Mistress Nell, The Blackbird, The Road to Mandalay, She Done Him Wrong and A Star is Born

Buck Jones (1891-1942) – Motion picture cowboy star whose vehicles include such serials as Gordon of Ghost City, The Red Rider, White Eagle and Riders of Death Valley

Edward G. Robinson (1893-1973) – TDOY actor god whose vehicles include Little Caesar, Five Star Final, The Whole Town’s Talking, A Slight Case of Murder, Double Indemnity and Key Largo

D. Ross Lederman (1894-1972) – Journeyman motion picture and television director whose oeuvre includes I Promise to Pay, Tarzan’s Revenge, Escape from Crime, Three of a Kind, Boston Blackie and the Law and The Return of the Whistler

Madeline Hurlock (1899-1989) – Silent film actress who appeared in several comedy shorts featuring the likes of Harry Langdon, Billy Bevan, Andy Clyde and Laurel & Hardy

Floyd Crosby (1899-1985) – Academy Award-winning cinematographer whose films include Tabu, High Noon, Shack Out on 101, The Old Man and the Sea, Pit and the Pendulum and Beach Blanket Bingo; father of singer David Crosby

Eddie Parker (1900-1960) – Actor-stuntman who turns up in scads of B-westerns and serials; he doubled for Boris Karloff in Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Lewis Wilson in the 1943 serial Batman, soon to be featured in the upcoming book tentatively titled When Bad Movies Happen to Good People by TDOY friends and supporters Scott C. and s.z.*

Howard Koch (1901-1995) – Motion picture and television screenwriter whose cinematic contributions include The Sea Hawk, The Letter, Sergeant York, In This Our Life, Casablanca and Three Strangers

Karen Morley (1909-2003) – TDOY actress goddess whose vehicles include Scarface, The Mask of Fu Manchu, Gabriel Over the White House, Dinner at Eight, Black Fury, The Last Train from Madrid and M

Don C. Harvey (1911-1963) – Unsung character actor who appeared in scads of B-westerns, serials and television episodes including a semi-regular gig on Rawhide

Francis Albert Sinatra (1915-1998) – Chairman of the Board

Joe Williams (1918-1999) – Renowned baritone jazz/blues vocalist and the pride of Cordele, GA

Dan DeCarlo (1919-2001) – Comic book artist who developed the look of Archie comics in the 50s/60s and creator the characters of Josie and the Pussycats and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Bob Barker (1923-      ) – Television personality and game-show host best known as the longtime host of The Price of Right from 1972 to 2007; also hosted Truth or Consequences from 1956 to 1975

Joe Kubert (1926-     ) – Comic book artist best known for his work on the DC Comics characters Sgt. Rock and Hawkman; started a school of Cartoon and Graphic Art bearing his name in 1976

John Osborne (1929-1994) – Academy Award-winning screenwriter and playwright whose cinematic contributions include Look Back in Anger, The Entertainer and Tom Jones

Bill Beutel (1930-2006) – Television journalist who worked at ABC’s flagship station WABC-TV 1962 to 2003 and who co-hosted a morning show on the network in 1975 entitled AM America, which eventually became Good Morning America

Brandon Maggart (1933-     ) – Stage, screen and television character actor best known for his roles on such TV series as Jennifer Slept Here, Chicken Soup and Brothers…and for playing a psychotic Santa Claus in the 1980 cult horror film You Better Watch Out

Al Harrington (1935-     ) – Samoa-born actor best known as detective Ben Kokua on TV’s Hawaii Five-O

Denise Coffey (1936-     ) – English stage, screen and television actress best known for her appearances on such UK comedy shows as Do Not Adjust Your Set, Girls About Town and End of Part One

Connie Francis (1938-     ) – Pop music vocalist and actress whose films include Where the Boys Are, Follow the Boys and When the Boys Meet the Girls

Dionne Warwick (1940-     ) – Pop music vocalist, actress and psychic friend spokesperson

Wings Hauser (1947-     ) – B-picture and cult movie icon who’s no doubt made more than his fair share of MST3K appearances but is remembered here at TDOY for such vehicles as Vice Squad, Deadly Force, A Soldier’s Story, Dead Man Walking and Original Gangstas

Bill Nighy (1949-     ) – English stage, screen and television character actor whose vehicles include Love Actually, Shaun of the Dead, The Constant Gardener, Notes on a Scandal and Valkyrie

Darleen Carr (1950-     ) – Stage, screen and television actress (and She Blogged by Night fave) whose TV gigs include The Smith Family, The Streets of San Francisco, Miss Winslow and Son and Bret Maverick

Sarah Douglas (1952-     ) – English stage, screen and television actress whose vehicles include Superman, Superman II, Conan the Destroyer and TV’s Falcon Crest

Ana Alicia (1956-     ) – Stage, screen and television actress best known as Melissa Agretti Cumson on the aforementioned Falcon Crest

Susan Powter (1957-     ) – Motivational speaker and dietician who used to be on TV 24 hours a day until those responsible restored viewing to normalcy

Sheila E. (1957-     ) – She don’t need the glamorous life

Higgins (1957-1975) – Photogenic canine who played Benji in the first film in 1974 and was also the mutt on Petticoat Junction**

Sheree J. Wilson (1958-     ) – Stage, screen and television actress best known for her roles as April Stevens on Dallas and Alex Cahill on Walker, Texas Ranger

Jennifer Connelly (1970-     ) – Academy Award-winning stage, screen and television actress whose vehicles include Labyrinth, The Rocketeer, Requiem for a Dream, A Beautiful Mind, House of Sand and Fog and Little Children

Mädchen Amick (1970-     ) – Stage, screen and television actress whom I always remember as the delectable Shelly Johnson on TV’s Twin Peaks; she’s also been on such series as C.P.W., Fantasy Island, ER and Freddie

Hank Williams III (1972-     ) – Country music scion of Hank Williams, Jr. (and grandson of Hank, Sr.) who, according to my friend Nick, once played a gig at the Nyabinghi in Morgantown that lasted until 6:00 am (must have been one hell of a show)

*Yeah, I’m hoping to score a free copy.  Clearly, I have no shame.
**True story: I tried to explain to some of my fellow inmates classmates in high school one time that Benji/Petticoat Junction dog’s actual name was “Higgins” and was met with a loud round of catcalls and jeers, intimating that I made such a factoid up.  Well, I don’t have to tell you how this turned out—I have a highly-respected pop culture and nostalgia blog, and they have…um…untold wealth, large families and rewarding careers…so who’s laughing now?

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Scott said...

Oh, I think your chances of scoring a free copy are pretty darn good.

Amazingly, Wings Hauser was never in a movie riffed on MST3K, which just goes to emphasize what a very low budget enterprise the show was. They couldn't even afford to license Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time.

simoncolumb said...

I really need to watch more Edward G Robinson - I saw him in DOUBLE INDEMNITY and I have always wanted to watch LITTLE CEASAR, but alas, never have...

And Munch - what a nutty artist... did you know that he mixed certain bodily fluids into his paint... fluids that create babies. eugh.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

did you know that he mixed certain bodily fluids into his paint

Well, I know now (and wish I didn't)...