Saturday, March 5, 2011

Subject to change

Sometime back I told myself that in addition to the “Coming Distractions” feature here at TDOY I would also do a follow-up on any last-minute changes made by The Greatest Cable Channel Known to Mankind™ (ka-ching!—I’ll put Rick Brooks’ kids through college yet) but is so often the case with some of the stuff I do here I probably got distracted by some shiny object and forgot all about continuing on.  But my memory was jogged this morning with a showing of The Wages of Fear (1953) that was not originally on the schedule when I did March 2010’s TCM schedule (I think they had an encore showing of 1978’s Convoy penciled in)—and it’s only by happenstance that I noticed the switch…which was a good thing because I wanted to record a copy—and so I thought I’d get up to speed and see if there are any other switcheroos that may affect readers’ viewing and recording intentions.

March 9, Wednesday – The scheduled showing of Enchanted April (1935) has been replaced by the 1932 film Love Affair—which features a young Humphrey Bogart in his “Tennis, anyone?” days.  This isn’t really a huge loss (unless you’re an Ann Harding fan, in which case I’m sorry…I mean, not that you’re a fan of Harding’s but that they bumped your movie) but the real disapperntment comes at 8pm when the scheduled showing of Ask Any Girl (1959) has been swapped by the 1966 cult classic Lord Love a Duck.

I was really looking forward to seeing Girl again, which I haven’t viewed since…well, I know I tend to sound like a broken record sometimes but it really was on the once-proud AMC that I first caught the Shirley MacLaine-David Niven-Gig Young comedy.  This might sound like a bit of sacrilege but I’ve never been a big fan of Duck even though the movie has its devotees.  The only thing I found redeeming about it was that it’s sort of a blueprint for Pretty Poison (1968), which I think is a far, far better film.

March 11, FridayTCM Underground’s scheduled 4am showing of Thrashin’ (1986) has been pre-empted by Paul Mazursky’s Alex in Wonderland (1970).  Having not seen either film I’ll have to refrain from comment but I just want to let the Thrashin’ people out there in Yesteryearland that I feel their pain.

March 15, TuesdayReunion in Vienna (1933) has been scrapped at 4:15am in favor of I Live My Life (1935), starring Joan Crawford.

March 16, Wednesday – The scheduled showing of Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927) has been moved from 2am to 1:15am, wiping out Andy Warhol’s Restaurant (1965) (I had kind of wanted to see this).  One of only two sound films made by the legendary D.W. Griffith, Abraham Lincoln (1930), will follow Sunrise at 3:15am so the 4am presentation of Casablanca (1942) won’t be happening.  (I think this is an outrage—who knows when Casablanca will be on the schedule again?)

March 20, Sunday – Finally, the original scheduling of a 1935 George Murphy flick, The Public Menace, has been shelved in favor of Tom Dick and Harry (1941).  Meh…I don’t make a habit of watching George Murphy movies unless my family’s life has been threatened.

I was wondering why the movies scheduled for March seemed to be all over the map instead of conforming to a unifying theme as is TCM’s usual wont until I learned that it’s apparently a month of employee’s picks…and looking at the schedule, they seemed to have some very cinema-savvy people working there.  But the employee who changed their mind about Ask Any Girl…well, I’m watching you…

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Laura said...

Many thanks for this helpful update! I was bummed about THE PUBLIC MENACE because George Murphy's leading lady is Jean Arthur -- have never seen it. Hopefully in the future --

Best wishes,

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

I was bummed about THE PUBLIC MENACE because George Murphy's leading lady is Jean Arthur

Darn it, I did know this...and now I'm bummed. (I can sit through one of George's movies if Jean is in it.)

Stacia said...

Also bummed about "The Public Menace."

And your post triggered a long-buried memory: I've SEEN "Alex in Wonderland"! It's one of the movies that made me decide I hated 1970s cinema, so I kind of repressed it. Nowadays, I don't hate 1970s cinema, but I still avoid it, so I think I'll pass on any potential re-watching of AiW.

Kevin Deany said...

Very disappointing. I was looking forward to "Ask Any Girl." Oh well, maybe it will be re-scheduled. Thanks for the heads-up.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Would like to throttle someone over shelving of "The Public Menace."