Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy birthday, Bea Benaderet…and other points of interest…

A quick glance at the calendar at the IMDb reminded me that today is the 105th natal anniversary of the incomparable actress and voice artist Bea Benaderet, a woman who left us far too soon (she passed away in 1968 from lung cancer) but who passed on such an incredible body of work in radio, film (particularly animated cartoons) and television her presence is still felt today.  The above photo is, of course, taken from Benaderet’s TV legacy—the 1963-70 sitcom Petticoat Junction…and the reason why I’m posting it is that I hope somebody from CBS DVD-Paramount will happen by the blog and say: “Hey—isn’t it about time we got cracking on a third season release of that show to DVD?”

The second photo above comes courtesy of my BBFF Stacia “Slumber is for fops and popinjays” Jones at She Blogged by Night…and I never really stopped to consider that she does, in fact, do that because she’s a regular Internets Pinkerton agency (“I never sleep”).  Parks and Recreation really doesn’t lend itself to a noir sensibility but I spit cranberry juice all over the monitor this morning when I clicked on the link for the poster over at her blog.

And while I’m on the subject of small-town life (smooth as glass, I tells ya) I thought a few of you (okay, so I’m an optimist) might be interested in this photo montage of my hometown of Ravenswood, WV since I do have a tendency to ramble on about the place from time to time (“The mosquitoes were as big as tse-tse flies…”).  Now, I don’t know why the individual who put this together decided to supplement the visuals with a jazz score because the number of after-hours jazz clubs in that burg is equal to the number of times I’ve refused a piece of Boston Cream Pie…so don’t go thinking the ‘Wood is like West Virginia’s answer to N’awlins, please.  (Mucho thanks to Facebook chum and former high school homie Valerie for directing my attention to this slice of hillbilly cinema vérité.)

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Jeff Overturf said...

I grew up being in love with the women of Petticoat Junction. Kate was of course loved for her mothering nature while the girls....nnnnnn. And for the record, I was a dyed-in-the-wool Bobby-Joe guy when it came rigth down to it.

It wasn't until much later I connected Ms. Benedaret to all her great voice work at Warners and Hanna-Barbera and of course her work on the Jack Benny Show really shows her comedy chops.