Thursday, April 21, 2011

It was a very good year

Classic film buffs are almost unanimous in their firm belief that 1939 was the year for movies—and even dissenters from this maxim would find it hard to dispute that there were some truly extraordinary films released that year.  The Classic Movie Blog Association, of which Thrilling Days of Yesteryear is a proud member (thanks to a digital camera and a few bottles of Boone’s Farm—okay, I’m just kidding about that), will be sponsoring a honkin’ big blogathon from May 15-17 this year in which 34 participants (at last count) will write about some of the movies that made their auspicious debut at that legendary cotillion of 1939.  The Classic Movies of 1939 Blogathon is being produced by TDOY chums ClassicBecky of ClassicBecky’s Brain Food (“Brains!!!”) and Page of My Love of Old Hollywood, and as such promises to be a real humdinger, as the young folks are saying nowadays.  (Well…they were certainly saying it back in 1939.)

I’ve picked a dan-dan-dandy to cover for this event but if you ask me to reveal which movie I chose I can only inscrutably tell you “Ancient Chinese secret…”  (That probably gives it away.)  But I’ve looked at a list of the participants and some real TDOY faves will be getting the 1939 Blogathon treatment:  It’s a Wonderful World, The Wizard of Oz, Another Thin Man, The Cat and the Canary, Destry Rides Again, Dodge City, Five Came Back, Stagecoach, The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt, Never Say Die, Of Mice and Men, Midnight and many, many more.  Our good friend jnpickens at Comet Over Hollywood will put us all to shame as she’s planning to watch every single feature film from 1939 for her entry…so all that I ask is that you have cups of water at the ready when she races by your blog during this decathlon event.  I do hope you join not only me but the rest of the CMBA faithful from May 15-17 for this astounding event and if you’d like to contribute a review in an unofficial capacity we’d love to have you!

(Update: The final list of all the movies to be reviewed in the Blogathon has been posted on the CMBA's blog here.  Now the secret of my choice will be revealed to all the online world...)

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Caffeinated Joe (Wings) said...

Sounds like an awesome Blogathon! How do I find out about participating and what movies are still available to choose from?

Stacia said...

every single feature film from 1939

The IMDb says that's 1557 films.

Kendra said...

I hope she just plans on watching all the best picture nominees of 1939...or maybe she's not even human! haha :)

I just found your blog via the CMBA site (which I just became a member of) and can't wait to participate and read everyone's entries for the blogathon!


TiedGame said...

Boy, did you nail The Assassination of J.J. Well put.

Page said...

I know which film You, you and yes YOU are doing but I'm not telling either! Bwaaahhhaa

It really is shaping up to be a grand affair so I hope everyone gets their naps in and prepares a few snacks since we have 3 days to soak up Hollywood in all it's glory. I'll be doing three film reviews (with snark of course) but I can't imagine getting through EVERY one so Kudo's to Comet for taking that task on for the rest of us.

A really enjoyable write up and promotion TDOY! : )
Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Rich said...

My favorite films from that year are 'Stagecoach' and 'Ninotchka.' I've never seen the original 'Of Mice and Men' but would like to one day.

mndean said...

The IMDb says that's 1557 films.

Well, if you cut it down to English-language films, you can drastically reduce the total to 572, which is manageable. It ought to be easier to get 1939 titles than earlier years.

jnpickens said...

I'm so excited about this blogathon! I'm a huge fan of 1939. Once I rad a blog saying the year 1984 was better han 1939...haha

And thank you for the very flattering comment. I'm blushing :)

When you click on the year 1939, there are about 1500 films I think, I cut out foreign language and short films and it's roughly 514...but y'all will find out more during the blogathon :)