Thursday, April 28, 2011

“Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change…”

Oh, yeah—this blog’s getting highbrow this morning with a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote…but it’s the best one I could find to title this post that also announces the winner of TDOY’s Marlene giveaway, none other than Chuckie Award champion and She Blogged by Night proprietor Stacia Jones.  While Stacia takes her victory lap I want to thank everyone for entering and only wish I had been able to give all the entrants a free copy of Charlotte Chandler’s MARLENE: Marlene Dietrich – A Personal Biography just for e-mailing…particularly my fellow Jaw-jan and blogging colleague Elisson, who made Sprite Zero come out of my nose when he sent me an entry that read: “I vant to be alone... mit dis book in mein hands, so I can read it at mein convenience.”  (Okay, he mixed in a little Garbo there but I still thought it was funny.  I think you will, too; he blogs at Lost in the Cheese Aisle—or to use the German translation, Verloren im Käsegang…)  Thanks again also to the good people at Simon & Schuster for providing the free swag; I'm going to put the TDOY prize closet under lock and key for a brief spell until we've settled in at the new House of Yesteryear.

I’d like to be able to say that I finished packing everything in boxes and am ready to move at a moment’s notice but since I’m under oath I’ll refrain from doing so.  I do, however, have some relatively good news in that my official move date into the new Rancho Yesteryear has been coordinated until next Saturday (a week later than when I originally thought).  And because I have been scribbling some reviews down for one of the best places online to locate hard-to-find movies, Vintage Film, I might be able to offer up a little additional content here between now and Moving Day.

Thursday night is Must-See-TV night here in the House of Yesteryear and I’m pretty stoked because there’ll be new episodes of Community (“Bringin’ it in for a boob bump, ladies…”) and Parks and Recreation…but tonight is also the hail-and-farewell of TV’s Boss-From-Hell, Michael Gary Scott (Steve Carell) of the hit sitcom The Office.  There has been a lengthy discussion on the Internets as to whether or not Carell’s exit should have just wrapped up the series for good—fellow Copeland contributor and TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz argues in this well-written essay that they should have already closed the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin even though I strongly disagree.  Others have pointed out that a couple of the last episodes have been a little sloppy with the sentiment, suggesting it’s more of an affectionate goodbye for the actor than the character he plays (I like critic Alan Sepinwall’s dissent on this theory, by the way).  But because I seem to be in a real YouTube mood this morning, here’s a little homemade music video gem that will serve as a reminder to those of us misty with nostalgia of all the good times the show had to offer before Steve decided to hang it up and start work on…well, what is he planning on doing?  Get Smart 2?

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ClassicBecky said...

First, congratulations to the winner! If you are a Dietrich fan, you'll love the book!

Ivan, first, I bow to you in complete awe that you are already boxed up and ready to move -- I am usually still doing that after the moving truck arrives!

Second, thanks for the heads-up on the video site -- I'm headed over there now.

Third, I am so sad about The Office! I loved that show, and went to great lengths to never miss it. I just don't think it will survive with Will Ferrell if that is the plan. I like him, but I can't see his type of humor carrying this show. To me, it's a "Fonzie jumping the shark" situation!

Stacia said...

Yay! This is pretty exciting. I'm glad to get a copy because I discovered that the Maria Riva bio I have is large print -- that's not the problem. The problem is that the large print version came in 2 volumes, and I only have volume 1. Haha.

The move sounds exciting, but I do not envy you the packing.

Looking forward to hearing about the DVD deal tomorrow. I got a little spare cash burning a hole in my pocket.