Sunday, May 29, 2011

A change is gonna come

Faithful TDOY readers may have noticed that from time to time I’ll link to some of the essays I wrote when Thrilling Days of Yesteryear was living in the Salon Blogs neighborhood from 2003 to 2007…and it was while researching something I wrote there one day that I discovered the Salon blog has a rather irritating habit of transferring the individual to another website whilst in mid-read, namely a page operated by The Old Time Radio Link Society, which the blog used to enjoy an affiliation with at one time.  Since severing my ties with Salon Blogs nearly four years ago, I no longer have access to the inner workings of the blog…which means I’m not able to apply the necessary repairs (namely, remove the OTR Link Society link) to continue allowing curious TDOY readers to sift through the pre-Blogger material.

So yesterday, with some inspiration from s.z. and Scott C. of World O’Crap fame (the famed political snark blog got hacked a year back and the WO’C people were forced to start slumming it with us Blogspot folks)*, I decided to start a second blog…and before you start in with “Geez, you barely keep up with anything new on this one” let me point out that the sequel blog is not set up to spotlight brand-spanking new entries.  It will instead function as the archives for the pre-2007 stuff—and this means that the section here entitled “Thrilling Days of Yesteryear: The Salon Years” will gradually be phased out in order to make room for what I am cleverly (play along with me here) calling Best (and Worst) of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear.  I spent yesterday and part of this morning transferring some of the material I composed in November 2003 to the new environs and I do not exaggerate when I say that doing so is both a major pain in the arse and will probably be a work in progress for many, many months to come.  But I like the blog’s look (it’s not quite as cluttered as this one, and the library background motive is sort of nifty), and keeping all of what I’ve scribbled down in the Blogger family will pay big dividends in the long run.  (Well, not in any sort of financial sense…as I have discovered since I’ve yet to make my first C-note from Google’s AdSense four years into this thing.)

Not everything I jotted down at Salon Blogs is going to make the move to the new blog for a number of reasons—some of the material is so outdated the links I pointed to no longer exist, and in some cases many of the posts are simply announcements about upcoming DVD or CD releases (aka the work I did at one time for [First Generation] Radio Archives, who apparently dispensed with my services a good while back).  I’ll probably make exceptions if I have a bit more to say beyond “Such-and-such Home Video is releasing such-and-such to DVD, and it’s about damn time” otherwise I’m going to let you play scavenger hunter and look for that kind of info yourself.  There were also some essays I wrote about my exciting existence as a night auditor which I may hang onto and put somewhere else on the site; I’m still wrestling with what to do about those.

Anyway, I invite you to stop by Best (and Worst) of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear if you get a free moment—think of it as browsing around the stacks of a honkin’ big library.  While I’m thinking about it, I noticed this morning that the main TDOY blog has appears to have racked up its 200th Google Friend/Follower, which tickles me to no end.  As always, thanks for encouraging my behavior.

*Those of you familiar with the history of TDOY are probably aware that World O’Crap was responsible for influencing its start, so once again it seems only fitting that it follow in such large and lofty footsteps.

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Scott said...

"Pain in the arse" is right. We've transferred 1178 posts from the old sites, and we're still only up to January, 2007, so it's probably going to take a few more months to complete the archives. But I'm very glad to hear you're preserving the bulk of TDOY Classic, because there's gold in them thar posts, and because the old Salon Blogs infrastructure seems as sturdy and reliable as the St. Francis Dam.

ClassicBecky said...

Ivan, I am a self-professed computer moron, so I have to ask this -- does creating the blog for older stuff mean that this blog will be faster to upload? It may just be me and my antiquated equipment, but it always takes forever to load it, and sometimes takes 2 tries. It's totally worth it, of course, but I just wondered...

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...


I'm using one of the older coal-burning computers myself, so I have the same problem as you...but the problem is also that I have too much crap on the blog's front page that would be better off going to other pages. I plan to have TDoY's crack team of IT technicians working on that as soon as I can get them to stop throwing feces at me.

ClassicBecky said...

LMAO! (I'm not rolling on the floor because I haven't vacuumed in -- like -- 9 months. Boy your IT team is worse than the computer guy on the Saturday Night Live sketches! (Remember him -- people would try to explain what was wrong, and he would just bark "MOVE!" We had a guy like that at my office, I swear).