Saturday, May 21, 2011

I’m going to the LAMMYs!*

Profuse apologies for the recent fallow fields on the blog, but the inactivity at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear can be chalked up to a number of factors—including the ‘rents and my continued efforts to get settled here at the new Rancho Yesteryear, the when-will-this-ever-get-finished attempts to tidy up the old address in order to get our big honkin’ security/cleaning deposit back…and the fact that I have been to known to frequently embrace lethargy as a religion and not just a lifestyle.  Rest assured I am working on some essays for posting and publication, thanks to the generosity of my BBFF Stacia of She Blogged by Night fame, who sent me a fistful of movies that I did not have copies of for the dusty TDOY archives including some pre-Code goodies like Madam Satan (1930) and The Story of Temple Drake (1933).

To reciprocate for her kindness I have also been recording a few gems for her library—one of which features her pretend boyfriend Alan Arkin…and I’m glad I recorded this movie in the time slot I did because there’s something wrong (something very, very wrong) with our cable box in that when I leave it on at night to record movies that are scheduled in time slots well past my bedtime it for some odd reason changes the channel when I’m fast asleep, thereby leaving me with a copy of whatever paid programming happened to be on MSNBC or TruTV or whatever channel my father is slavishly devoted to this week.  This is not a first-time occurrence; it happened at the previous Castle Yesteryear and at first I thought I just absentmindedly forgot to make sure it was on the right channel but when I double-checked this to make certain and the mayhem continued I floated a theory that the house was haunted.  Of course, I quickly discarded that concept and after talking with a CharredHer representative online it would appear that there’s a glitch in the cable box and it needs to be reset.  (Either that or I will have to stay up till four in the a.m. to make sure there aren’t any shenanigans going on with the cable…and I don’t think that can be an option.)

The official nominations for the 2011 LAMMY Awards won’t be up at the Large Association of Movie Blogs blog until Monday…but they are being announced on this week’s LAMBcast, and I was positively gobsmacked to learn that this ‘umble scrap of the blogosphere snagged a nom in the Best Classic Film Blog category.  I know this is going to sound show-bizzy phony, but I really am honored to be in consideration with the four other nominated weblogs for this award, including my fellow CMBA compadre True Classics: The ABCs of Classic Film and longtime friend of TDOY Where Danger Lives (which also got a well deserved nod for Best Design…and it really is the ginchiest).  I haven’t known fellow nominee The Hollywood Revue for quite as long and as for Defiant Success—I’m more familiar with the handle it went by before it went into the Blog Protection Program, The Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile.  I’m pleased to be in such august company and will be positively thrilled if any of those fine blogs take home the coveted sheepskin this year.

I was also relieved to hear that TDOY chum Ferdy on Films snagged one of the slots for the 2011 LAMMY Award nominations for Best Blog-a-thon Meme—namely this year’s For the Love of Film (Noir) Blogathon.  I have to admit, I was sort of sweating it because it looked as if it might not get nominated—and honest to my grandma, both Marilyn (who, with her faithful Indian sidekick Roderick Heath, has also been deservedly nominated for the Brainiac Award) and Farran Smith Nehme should walk away with all the marbles for this one because (let’s be honest, folks) without the concept of film preservation none of the other individuals being nominated for film blogging excellence would be doing so in the first place.  (We’d have to blog about flowers or hardware or sugar-free Kool-Aid or crap like that.)  Mark of Where Danger Lives suggested that the For the Love of Film (Noir) Blogathon should have copped a special Thalberg Memorial-type award, an idea I would certainly have been enthusiastically behind 110%.

The official list of nominations will be up at the LAMB on Monday so I won’t steal any more thunder except to applaud all the blogs nominated…and to single out longtime TDOY amigos like Chuck Norris Ate My Baby (Best Blog Name), Cinema Viewfinder (Best Blog-a-thon Meme for the Cronenberg Blog-a-thon) and The Lightning Bug’s Lair (from the moon, baby! for Best Horror/Sci-Fi Blog) with a collective high-five.  Whatever the outcome for the Best Classic Film Blog Award, I promise to act with the utmost dignity and honor and to avoid doing anything embarrassing like last year (like I was supposed to know there was a limit of five shrimp per person).  Many happy returns to everyone all around and to those who voted for Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, thanks for encouraging my behavior!

*Or as Greg Ferrara of Cinema Styles remarked: "Who's Ivan? He's got a what now?"

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Bill Crider said...

Congrats on the nom!

Clara said...

Congrats Ivan!!!

KEVYN KNOX said...

Congrats on your well-deserved nod for Best Classic Film Blog. Well deserved indeed.

And yes, I whole-heartedly agree with your comments on the importance of Ferdy on Films nomination.

Bravo to everyone in fact. Did I mention how well deserved your nomination is - oh yeah, I did. Seriously though, great job with this blog - I always enjoy your writing.

Congrats once again.

ClassicBecky said...

Ivan, that's great! I'm not surprised, though. Your blog is unique and very special. I can't vote, although I did apply for membership to LAMB, but I haven't heard back yet. But if I could, you know who I would vote for ... let's see, who WOULD I vote for? Oh yeah, you!

MovieNut14 said...

LOL Thanks for the shoutout.

Mark said...

Ivan, you forgot "fellow West Virginian"!

Congrats again, Mark

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Thanks to everybody for the well-wishes...and Mark, my profuse apologies for forgetting you hailed from the Mountain State!

Stacia said...

Congrats on the nom! And Alan Arkin isn't my pretend boyfriend, he's my pretend husband. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to know that.

Stacia said...

I forgot to mention that our cable box occasionally does the same thing. Apparently the box resets during the night when it updates the cable guide and stuff, and every so often it just leaves the channel on C-Span or there's no picture, just audio. If a new box fixes your problem, then I'm going to get a new box from ours too.

Rich said...

You were clearly robbed in the Funniest Writer category... but at least you got the Classic Blog nod, so congrats anyway.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Stacia corrected me with

And Alan Arkin isn't my pretend boyfriend, he's my pretend husband.

Then can I be the pretend wacky next-door neighbor? (I so want to sit in my backyard with a Rolling Rock and holler over the fence: "Serpentine, Shel! Serpentine!")

And Rich turned my head with shameless flattery:

You were clearly robbed in the Funniest Writer category...

Thanks muchly for the support, Rich -- it's a tough category to run in, to be sure because as the 'rents are always telling me "10,000 comedians out of work and you're doing it for free." I still think your FYC banner was the best of those submitted (to see Rich's pimpage, click here) so I was kinda bummed that you didn't come up with something in the noms.

There's a list of all the blogs that got at least one nomination and I think the one that made Diet Sun Drop come out of my nose was that one person (at the most) nominated me for a Brainiac Award. (Seriously? I can't even do math in my head.) I apparently had at least one person who's fond of the Coming Distractions posts I do here which tickles me to no end.

KC said...

Bravo on the nomination. Well done!