Thursday, February 21, 2008

“Don’t you listen to him, Dan/he’s a devil not a man/and he spreads the burning sands with the water…”

Because my father—a longtime CBS news devotee—is diabetic, he can’t watch Katie Couric, so he’s switched to NBC’s Nightly News…or as we call it, “The Brian Williams Show.” We all had a good chuckle at this story from last night:

You no doubt remember Governor Sonny’s previous attempts to slake Atlanta’s thirst, including this Chinatown-like scenario and, of course, a little old-fashioned revival/tent show. After watching the NBC report, I turned to my father and remarked: “This doesn’t seem very Christian of Sonny to swipe water like that…it's like something out of one of those old Western serials.”

Grinning, my father responded: “I guess it’s true. The Lord helps those who help themselves.”

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