Saturday, February 23, 2008

“That’s Grandpappy Amos and the girls and boys/of the family known as The Real McCoys…” has the artwork up for the Mannix: The First Season DVD set due out June 3rd, so for Linda and all the Mike “Touch” Connors acolytes, you can find it right here, along with some additional info as to the box set’s extras—like episode introductions from Connors and an interview with the man himself! I know I’ve taken a pledge to cut back on the DVDs, but this is a set I will have to have—particularly since I want to see cleaned-up versions of the four public domain first season episodes already released.

The go-to website for classic television coming to disc also has an announcement that Infinity Entertainment will unleash The Real McCoys: The Complete Third Season to DVD June 17th. At the risk of getting up on a soapbox, I must protest that the McCoys releases aren’t the complete anything, simply because Infinity is using the edited-for-syndication prints for said releases. Still, I keep buying the McCoys sets simply because I don’t know any better…plus the fact that I think Kathleen Nolan is smokin’ and I’ve always been a fan of Richard “Walter Denton/Oogie Pringle/Bronco Thompson” Crenna.

Laughing Gravy at In the Balcony says that the upcoming Popeye the Sailor - Volume 2: 1938-1940 has been retooled into a 2-disc set because Warner Home Video was disappernted with the first set’s sales; says that WHV scaled back the discs because of the amount of time needed to restore the animated shorts. Naturally, I would normally concur with the opinion with ITB’s Wacko Administrator and Quotable Expert—but in this case, whoever’s wrong or right doesn’t matter much in the big picture…I’m just glad that WHV is soldiering on with some of the finest animated cartoons ever produced. Here’s a rundown on what the new release (scheduled for June 17th) will contain.

Finally, the sharp-eyed correspondent known to TDOY fans as “Master of His (Public) Domain,” BobH, alerted me to this Mill Creek Entertainment announcement that the company will be releasing the rest of the forty-seven shows from Alcoa Presents (1959-61), also known to fans as One Step Beyond. I purchased the previous set and while I agree with Bob that many of the episodes were the worse for wear, it’s still nice to have this show completely represented on DVD (though you might want to read HTF’s own Hank Dearborn’s plans for the OSB set that might have been). I used to watch Beyond back in my formative teen years on WGN Chicago, having developed an interest in the program after seeing the updated syndicated series, The Next Stop Beyond (both shows were hosted by John Newland) in 1978. You may already be aware of this, but One Step Beyond’s tales of the paranormal and supernatural predated the better-known The Twilight Zone by several months…and were all alleged to have been based on fact.

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Bobh said...

Ivan, I'm surprised that season 1 of "Mannix" is being released in its entirety instead of the dreaded "split season" sets for which Paramount is notorious in releasing much of its classic/vintage television library. And since I have those same four PD season 1 episodes, it will be good to see them cleaned up. This is also the season that hasn't been seen for many years as it was not part of the syndication package so, for most viewers, it will have been decades since they've seen them. The pilot episode is very well done and it will be nice to see it, finally, with an opening title sequence.