Thursday, February 7, 2008

Till we Mitt again

Well, Vince Keenan has gotten his wish. Willard Mitt Romney has “suspended” his campaign—which, loosely translated, means “I’m going out of the room for a sec, so don’t anybody touch my delegates.” (I had nothing to do with this, by the way; you all saw me, I was here at the blog the whole time.) I listened to a portion of his “suspension” speech during lunch and the guy’s rhetoric was such that I had to check to make sure I was still in 2008…and not fifty years earlier.

I gotta be honest—I’m not exactly sure what folks like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter see in this guy, other than he’s not John McCain. Romney is a freakin’ weathervane; a man who seem to change his position(s) with each primary loss. As a candidate who would do or say anything to get elected, I remarked to my father: “He’s the Republican answer to Hillary Clinton.” (This, by the way, did not sit too well with my mother.) One journalistic wag observed that Romney was like a Monet painting…the farther away you are, the better he looks.

But enough of Mitt, since I’ve grown weary of his antics (especially the way he would whine that his opponents were using “dirty tricks” when he was the one with the scorched-earth attack ad policy). Instead, I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank all and any of you who helped out with my recent eBay auction. TDOY regular Leonard bought a ton of books, as did many of the usual suspects at In the Balcony…including His Royal Gravyness his ownself. As it looks right now, I’ll probably be taking another look at the DVDs and weeding out a few for an auction next week…but in the meantime I’ll put back up the books/miscellanea that didn’t sell this time around.

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