Saturday, March 8, 2008

If she can remember all this nostalgia, how come she still looks like a stone fox?


Brent McKee said...

Better question - why does she look like a stone cold fox while her niece looks like a comic strip character on a bad day.

Bill the Splut said...

It's weird how Brad Gilchrist writes her as if she's 60, and his brother Guy draws as if she's half that age.

It's also weird that Guy got through a whole week of Fritzi without doing one panel of her wearing a very tight t-shirt with the name of a country band lovingly drawn on the contours of her rack. I guess that they have different ideas of who the character is.

Also, why, when Nancy faces forward, does her nose turn into a coin slot? If I feed her nostrils with quarters and pull her arm and her eyes turn to three cherries, will she pay out by vomiting a jackpot?