Friday, June 20, 2008

Does the “M” stand for Marvin?

I’ll be away from the blog for the next day or so because I have to finish/polish up some liner notes for the good people at First Generation Radio Archives, but I did want to direct your attention to some news over at Timeless Media Group’s website concerning a big honkin’ release of the 1957-60 cult crime drama M Squad, which will debut September 23, 2008. This info was passed along to me by the “Master of His (Public) Domain” his ownself, BobH—who reminds all of you out there in VintageTVLand that TMG does have a tendency to trumpet release dates…and then miss the deadline. (VCI Entertainment is like that, too.)

The set will consist of fourteen DVDs and a soundtrack CD…with 100 episodes of the series available in the set. This might be a bit disappointing to some, particularly since M Squad ran for a total of 117 episodes—but since I’m jaw-droppingly surprised to see any kind of release for this series I’m certainly willing to cut Timeless some slack. (Unless they decide to re-record the underscore…that would sort of suck.) Another HTF member noticed that both Bob Newhart (“The 26 Girl”) and Don Rickles’ (“Pete Loves Mary”) first IMDb credits are from Squad…and of course, the two comedians later became lifelong chums. Eerie coincidence or just a way to provide a neat-and-tidy (if lame) end to this post? You make the call.

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Bobh said...

I do get a kick out of the fact that Timeless Media is calling this set "the very best of . . . "

Perhaps they have invented a new category of TV-on-DVD releases that should be titled a "most of" collection.