Monday, July 28, 2008

Dr. Alex Stone: devoted husband or male chauvinist pig?

Though RTN may not be able to squeeze in some of the really vintage television fodder from Universal-NBC, (and has made the scuttlebutt surrounding rumors of The Deputy coming to DVD official; the 1959-61 western starring Allen Case and Henry Fonda is coming to disc October 14th via Timeless Media Group. The set, The Deputy: The Best Of, is being advertised as a 3-disc collection with twelve episodes and is listed right now at Amazon at a pre-order price of $23.99 (but if you wait a bit, I’m sure DVD Pacific will drop it even lower). Ordinarily, I’m not all that crazy about “Best of” collections, but in the case of rarer shows I’m always willing to make an exception. also has confirmation on the release of Father Knows Best: The Complete Second Season, which hits the streets courtesy of Shout! Factory this November 11th. (Once again, Amazon lists it with a pre-order price of $27.99.) I bought the first season of this venerable family sitcom (though I must confess I haven’t gotten around to opening it) and I remember a great deal of brouhaha (brouhaha?) over at the Home Theater Forum because many of the episodes were the edited-for-syndication entries…and yet another source disputes this, saying they were able to get the originals from dedicated collectors of the show. Anybody who has the straight dope on this please let me know.

One show that I don’t remember mentioning here at TDOY as making its debut on DVD is another domcom champ, The Donna Reed Show, which will see its first season released October 28th. (Maybe “debut” isn’t the right word here; Donna Reed’s series was released on DVD before…only it was two episodes on a single disc as part of a General Mills cereal promotion.) The Donna Reed Show has been a much requested series in the world of TV-on-DVD, although to be honest I’m not all that certain why; many people view it and revere it as a Utopian example of the all-American household whereas I cringe because Donna seems to work like a dog and get precious little reward for her labor. (I guess it’s a product of its time…but I think I liked Carl Betz better when he was a defense attorney.) If I still have two nickels to rub together by the time this series comes out I might take a flutter on it—I just noticed it on and realized I never mentioned its debut at the DVD cotillion.


Pam said...

...Donna seems to work like a dog and get precious little reward for her labor. And your point is? Doesn't that describe your Mom? It certainly describes mine!

It has been a very, very long time since I saw Donna Reed. My guess is that the fondness with which many people regard it is because they recognized their family / mother. At least more so in this show than others. Your description says it.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

And your point is? Doesn't that describe your Mom? It certainly describes mine!

I didn't know your Mom was married to a doctor and raised two bratty ki...well, I guess half of that is right. I don't remember either of our moms being on TV once a week participating in this charade, either.

Besides, Pam--everybody knows you're Donna Reed.

Pam said...

Besides, Pam--everybody knows you're Donna Reed.

I thought I was Betty Comden.