Sunday, July 27, 2008

“A man doesn't run from a fight, Mark...but that doesn't mean you should go running TO one, either…” has announced that MPI Home Video will be releasing complete series DVD box sets of two classic 1960s sitcoms, Family Affair and The Doris Day Show come this November 25th. This won’t really be such a big deal as far I am concerned (I purchased all the sets separately when they came out)—unless they do something really sneaky and add the To Rome, With Love episode (“Roman Affair,” 10/06/70) as a bonus to the Affair collection, like I suggested sometime back. To be honest, I’m sort of surprised that both shows went all the way to completion on disc (and even more stunned that the Day sitcom even got to DVD in the first place)—particularly when MPI “missed it by that much” getting the entire run of The Rifleman to DVD.

MPI released Rifleman in six box set volumes containing a total of 120 episodes, which means there’s another forty-eight episodes unaccounted for. Supposedly, MPI’s contract to release the classic western series with Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford expired before they could get the rest of the shows out—but I think that had they started out on a season-by-season basis to begin with they would have had more takers. The same thing happened to Image Entertainment’s handling of Naked City—they started out with six single-disc volumes (containing four episodes apiece) and by the time Image was ready to commit to box sets the clock had run out. Which is a darn shame, really; I never watched the show as a kid and in buying the Image releases I discovered a simply marvelous series that I’d love to see on RTN if they can make room from their locked-in Leave It to Beaver lineup. (The show is owned by Sony, if memory serves me right, so there’s really nothing keeping the folks at Retro from doing a deal…it’s not like Sony is in any kind of hurry *cough” Hazel *cough” to bother releasing additional vintage TV series on DVD.)

With the news about Family Affair and Doris Day out of the way, I’m curious to see if MPI will begin the Ghost and Mrs. Muir releases talked about several years back. I’ve got all the shows (in fair-to-good condition; someone obviously taped them in the earlier FX days—before The Shield and Rescue Me) but I’d certainly spend the money on proper releases if they were available. (And no, the picture of the cast under the TDOY logo is not meant to be subliminal; it's there by pure coincidence.)

Fortunately, two classics from the sixties will apparently finish out their runs, according to Messrs, Lacey and Lambert: Shout! Factory has the fourth and final season of McHale’s Navy scheduled for a November 18th release. I have to be honest here: the chances of my purchasing the last season of Navy are relatively slim; it’s my least favorite year of the show—the season where they put McHale and the gang in dry-dock in a small Italian village called Voltafiore, run by a corrupt mayor played by Jay Novello. The completist in me wants to purchase it, but…well, I guess I'll burn that bridge when I get there.

Also rumored to be playing out its hand is Daniel Boone, the 1964-70 adventure series starring Fess Parker; the show has seen its first five seasons hit DVD but the sixth has been in limbo for sometime. This article explains a little about what’s been holding the show up; it appears that its previous rights holder, Goldhil Entertainment, had a bit of a cash problem (“financially strapped” was the term used) and now the rights have reverted to a company called the Cerebellum Corporation. Word has it (though it’s not definite) that Cerebellum will issue Season Six sometime in December of this year.

So, on a final note, have a gander at the art for the Our Gang release I mentioned on the blog earlier…while I debate on what I’m going to have in terms of a late supper.

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Craig Zablo said...

Here's bit of trivia about Family Affair. The kids were supposed to be from a small town called Terre Haute, Indiana. On the show everyone pronounced it Tarry Hut but it should have been pronounced Terra Houte. I should know. I'm from there. LOL!