Thursday, July 17, 2008

Now what am I supposed to do with all these donuts?

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, November 27, 2007:

No sooner does the third season box set of The Wild, Wild West arrive at Rancho Yesteryear when proudly announces that the fourth and final season of the cult espionage Western will be released to DVD March 18th. The details are still sketchy at this time, but several of the denizens at the Home Theater Forum are curious as to whether the final set will contain the two reunion TV-movies, The Wild, Wild West Revisited (1979) and More Wild, Wild West (1980). (One HTF wag cracked that the two reunion movies will only be available when CBS-Paramount inevitably releases The Complete Wild, Wild West—a box set containing all four seasons…and I’ll bet dollars to donuts he’s not too far from the truth.), July 16, 2008:

According to the details that retailers received for this package, it says that it will be a 26-disc set, will [sic] all 4 seasons’ worth of remastered episodes, plus a new bonus disc described as “containing 2 full-length restored Wild Wild West TV movies on DVD for the first time: Wild Wild West Revisited and More Wild Wild West. THAT ought to put a smile on some faces out there!

Does it f**king look like I’m smiling?

I don’t know why I should be surprised by all this…it’s a freaking shell game with these people who release TV shows to DVD. If you don’t buy all the seasons, there’s a danger of the studio stopping and not finishing out the series. If you do buy all the seasons, they end repackaging the damn thing and adding something to the new set so that you’re forced to buy it a second time. says CBS/Paramount has no plans to release the WWW extras on a separate disc (and why should they, if they can get yahoos to re-buy the series for $139.99) which, again, shouldn’t cause a shock to your pacemaker—but in a way, I feel a twinge of sympathy for these bottom-feeders at CBS/Paramount because they simply don't know any better. But I don’t have much use for people like Gord Lacey or Dave Lambert (proprietors of TVShows’ website, and a pair of gents I'm assuming can tell the difference between right and wrong) who, rather than jeopardize their cushy positions hobnobbing with what are essentially a pack of weasels, turn their backs on this kind of chicanery when such ethically-challenged practices cry out for some sort of scathing editorial reply.

In other DVD news, Genius Products is planning to release an eight-disc set containing all eighty of the Our Gang sound shorts released between 1929 and 1938. This big honkin’ box set, retailing for $89.95, is being produced in tandem with RHI Entertainment and though I’m going to have to upgrade my old Cabin Fever DVD set of Our Gang, this one I won’t mind so much since that has only forty-eight of the shorts. Street date is October 20th.

Finally, I just got an e-mail a while ago from Arny Schorr at S’more Entertainment:

We’ve finally signed our contracts with the UCLA Film & Television Archive and on November 11, 2008, we will be releasing season 2 of Mister Peepers at $39.98. UCLA has recently taken delivery of new software that allows them to rejuvenate old kinescopes, remove almost all the flicker and we’re left with some amazingly clear images from these 26 episodes.

The special features are as follows:

· All 26 episodes comprising the entire season 2
· Original commercials
· Interview with Tony Randall about his experiences on “Mister Peepers” produced by the Television Academy.
· Short film explaining what a kinescope is and how they’re made
· Footage of creator David Swift accepting the Peabody Award for the series.
· Episode from the TV series “Suspense” entitled “Murderer’s Meeting” featuring Wally Cox with Jackie Cooper and Mildred Natwick from April 24, 1951. A man escaping from a fresh kill in a hallway makes his way through a building. As he passes an open apartment door, he is pulled inside where a meeting of a club of murder-mystery authors is taking place.

Deal me in on the Peepers and Our Gang collections. As for the "complete" Wild, Wild West set…ah, ya muddah’s bicycle…

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Chris Riesbeck said...

Great news on Mr. Peepers -- and timed right for my Christmas list. I hope the quality control is a bit better. My first set had duplicated disks and the episodes at the ends of the disks on both sets (the innermost ones I assume) go haywire and freeze on both my players. They play OK on my PC. But I'll put up with a lot to watch these.