Sunday, August 24, 2008

Belated blogiversary announcement

You know, one of these days I’m going to have to take the time to write down all the blogiversary dates of all of the fine web logs that dare risk being taunted by the neighborhood kids by putting Thrilling Days of Yesteryear on their blogrolls. Because once again, I have forgotten a web log birthday—and it’s not just any anniversary…it just so happens to be the fifth anniversary of the blog that served as the inspiration for my own: World O’Crap.

Now, before you go running over there to pelt Scott and S.Z. with rotten tomatoes and eggs, I should say in their defense that at the time they were just crazy kids out looking for thrills and they had no idea that when an impressionable young man named Ivan (okay, so I was forty—do I have to start taking down names?) read their blog that he would be inspired to start one of his own. Since that time, World O’Crap has provided me with more hours of tears-down-my-cheeks hilarity than I could possibly count; it’s truly the gold yardstick for which all political humor blogs should be measured.

Happy belated blogiversary, you two…sorry I forgot the date again, but it’s hell getting old sometimes.

Update: I neglected to acknowledge that Toby O'Brien at Inner Toob also celebrated a blogiversary: number four, as of yesterday. I think senility is starting to kick in; I'm not even sure how many houses I own anymore.

Updated update: I checked with my staff. I don't own any houses, but I am renting one.

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