Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Keep us strong

I talked with Sam Johnson, newly re-elected President of the League of Savannah Bloggers (the former office holder—that would be me—had to step down due to a discrepan…I mean, because I’ve since relocated to Athens) earlier today for about 45 minutes—and I’ll get the minutes of this meeting to you tomorrow. But he did comment on the fact that I don’t do enough YouTubes on my blog, so I figured I’d rectify that situation right now:

These are the opening credits to The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (1979-81), an hour-long sitcom spun-off from the popular B.J. and the Bear series and currently showing on an RTN affiliate near you. I used to watch this as a mere sprat, but only because my tastes had not developed to the degree of sophistication I enjoy now. Lobo hasn’t held up well—but it’s hard to dislike a show that featured guest stars like Raymond Burr (as a Mafia don) and Dean Martin (as himself) and the delightful antics of Shakespearean actor-turned-low-comedy-buffoon Mills Watson as the fumbling, bumbling Deputy Perkins. And besides—the opening credits tune is sung by Frankie “Rawhide” Laine…what more could you possibly ask for?

Unfortunately, they replaced the opening credits/song with a version of Georgia on My Mind in the second season, when Lobo and Company relocated to Atlanta and found themselves on the same series as Nell Carter (shudder).

Thanks to Jaime Weinman for planting the seed for this post, by the way.


Sam said...

Hey now?! When did I become president again? I gave it to you so you could stay busy and I could free up my time with other endeavors and such. I refuse to play political hot potato in The L. O. S. B. Therefore, I call a recount on all votes of this matter and refuse to take office till further notice.
In other terms, It's your dog, Charlie Brown.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Well, I can't very well lay claim to being President of the League of Savannah Bloggers if I'm now living in Athens, can I? So, I suggest you find another pats...er, candidate for this prestigious post.