Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quiet time

As I rose and shone this morning at 9:30am, trying to make certain that I was up early enough to catch “The Benefactor” episode of Mad Men discussed here Friday, I had a quick glance in the bathroom mirror and said to my reflection: “It’s going to be a busy day today—lots of projects on my plate that I definitely need to tackle.”

I think my reflection is just being polite, because if it had any common mirror sense it would have responded with “Bullshit!” or blown me a raspberry or something. Because I accomplished nothing today. Absitively, posolutely nothing. If there was a “Laziest Man Alive” competition going on during the summer Olympics, I’d be grabbing that gold like free cheese-and-beefstick snacks at Publix. (I’d even extend my fist in a Black Power salute just to make things interesting.)

Last night, I ventured over to sister Kat’s for dinner with her roommate and the ‘rents; traditionally, my mother makes homemade pizza on Saturday nights but since she’s become quite enamored of the pies that can obtained from a jernt here in Athens she ordered a pair of extra large: one with plain cheese, the other half-pepperoni, half-Italian sausage. My taste for pizza has, I’m sad to report, somewhat diminished over the years (and I was more surprised by this turn of events than anybody—it used to be a staple of my diet) but the DePalma pizzas, in small quantities, are quite good. (Kat’s pretty fond of the place, and while Italian food isn’t a particular favorite of mine I had one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten there one time, a sort of seafood and whitefish dish with pasta, garlic and tomatoes.) Mom brought over some leftover slices earlier this morn and I ate about one and a half slices for dinner. That should hold me for a month or two.

The folks’ new digs are coming along nicely; my Dad refers to it as “a work in progress” but I thought it looked tres snazzy. August, a rather finicky feline that Kat acquired through long-forgotten means, is a bit cheesed off, however, because my father has made the area where he and Mom sleep and hang out verboten. The odd thing about their bedroom is that even with their king-sized bed, the room looks bigger than it did before. Kat had a queen bed in there before they moved, but it’s relocated to new environs not too far from my “crib.” (Okay, if you must know, it’s in my guest room.)

Tomorrow, I plan to introduce a new feature to the ol’ blog—one that was inspired by this post at Self-Styled Siren as well as sites like Glenn Kenny’s column at The Auteur’s Notebook. Every Monday, I plan to post reviews of some cherce classic movies that aren’t available to the vast disc-buying Region 1 public, but can be tracked down (just call me Javert) on Region 2 DVD. (I’m calling it “Region 2 Cinema,” on account of the fact that I’m really not all that clever.) Occasionally, I will also feature movies that are available here but not in officially-sanctioned form; I originally had planned to call this “Cinema Thad,” in honor of Thad Komoroski but I need a lawsuit like a steel spike through my head so I’ll call it the more much pleasanter “Grey Market Cinema” instead. So until tomorrow…pleasant dreams!

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