Monday, September 8, 2008


Admittedly, I was looking for info about another Mill Creek Entertainment release when I stumbled across an item scheduled for a street date of September 16th: a 4-DVD set entitled The Best of Johnny Carson and Friends. This collection is stuffed with many of the primetime Johnny Carson Show (1955-56) episodes previously thought to be lost but “rediscovered” by Carson’s widow Joanne and released earlier by Shout! Factory last year (which I discussed here). In addition, there are a pair of Who Do You Trust? episodes (a game show Johnny inherited from Edgar Bergen and moved to the daytime hours, where his announcer was a young buck named Ed McMahon), plus installments of Carson’s Cellar and The Johnny Carson Morning Show.

Disc 4 of this collection is devoted to a cornucopia of Milton Berle Show kinescopes (most of them public domain, and previously released in other collections) and there’s a smattering of offerings ranging from Shower of Stars to The Colgate Comedy Hour to Bobby Darin & Friends. The shows that have definitely piqued my interest are a pair of Caesar’s Hour telecasts; Hour being Sid’s follow-up series to the legendary Your Show of Shows. This entire set has a MSRP price tag of $14.95 but if I can find it somewhere else for less I might entertain thoughts of snagging a copy.

Over at, Messrs. Lacey and Lambert inform us that the release date of Popeye the Sailor: Volume 3: 1941-43 has been moved up to November 4th. They don’t offer up an explanation for the update, but Thad Komorowski (after joking that the spinach-eating strong man is taking “shore leave”) says it’s has to do with some logos on the shorts that are being fixed by Warner’s. There’s also package art up at TVShows for the Lone Ranger DVD collection due to be released a week later (November 11th); I’m not particularly blown away by it but it will have to be a must-buy for Mom, who’s always been ga-ga over the Masked Man.

Finally, has an announcement on some scheduled “extras” included in the upcoming Father Knows Best: Season 2 release (also due out on Nov.11): they will include “The Teacher,” an episode of Window on Main Street (the series FKB star Robert Young appeared on after Best called it quits) and two FKB episodes: “Stagecoach to Yuma” (12/07/55; a show that aired during the second season that served as a pilot for a Western series) and “First Disillusionment” (11/16/59), an episode that aired during Season Six and was essentially a re-cut version of a Season Two entry. Great news for FKB fans—though I’d be a lot more impressed if they concentrated on releasing the non-bonus stuff in their complete versions as opposed to the syndication prints.


Anonymous said...

Hi,yo Silver! Got get me that thar Lone Ranger 75th Anniversary set. Might have to hock some silver bullets for it, but it definitely going on the list. - Philip Schweier

Anonymous said...

"The Best of Johnny Carson" is available from for $9.10 with free shipping. Not a bad deal from what I've always found to be a reliable merchant.