Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sundry morning comin’ down

Here are some brief items that I decided to gather up into one big honkin’ post as opposed to sprinkling them across the blog like trail mix:

I’ve been getting some pretty unusual requests in the ol’ TDOY e-mail box as of late. The latest was from an individual who requested that I review his blog and, in return, he would award me with either a pearl necklace or some other sort of monetary compensation. I don’t quite know why he asked me to do this, but I would feel sort of whorish in doing so, which is why I deleted his e-mail. If he’s reading this, I should point out that I’m not an appraiser of jewelry (though I did play one briefly on a justly forgotten UPN sitcom, Loupe de Loupe) so he’d probably be better off in choosing another blog that doesn’t spend a copious amount of free time talking about classic movies, vintage television, old-time radio, etc. I wish the individual who e-mailed me back in July about reviewing the Time-Life release of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: Best of Season 3 would get back to me…that’s a bit more in my bailiwick, as it were.

Most of the DVDs that get reviewed by me are paid for out of my own pocket—which is not to say that I look down upon those who get free copies, I most certainly do not…it’s nice work when you can get it. It’s just that I’ve read reviews in the past where someone has been downright effusive in their praise for a disc, only to purchase it and find out that it didn’t live up to its reputation, leading me to wonder if the reviewer’s review wasn’t colored by that fact that they lucked out in getting a promo DVD. I’ve been fortunate in that Restored Serials, a fine independent company that restores public domain serials and feature films on disc, has seen its way clear to sending me a freebie now and then; their revised version of the 1922 Harry Houdini silent The Man From Beyond (which I first reviewed here) is a positive gem—even better than the Kino Video release. Their restoration of the 1934 serial Young Eagles, however, is gorgeous to look at but is sort of like putting lipstick on a pit bull…though it’s not Restored’s fault that the chapter-play is bad—it was like that before it was restored. (It’s affectionately—if that is the appropriate word—known as “Young Turkeys” among serial aficionados.)

I’ve added two new blogs to the blogroll—yes, brave souls who have risked their valued reputations to be associated with Thrilling Days of Yesteryear (once described by a famous person who nevertheless chose to remain anonymous fearing repercussions from powerful forces as “You’re joking, right? There’s actually a real person who writes this nonsense?”). Blacksheep’s bit of the Web is a very interesting site maintained by Edgar in San Francisco; while the primary emphasis is on cross-stitching he frequently offers commentary on movies he’s viewed recently: Casablanca (1942), Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948), The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1933) and Shanghai Express (1932), just to name a few. The other “newbie” is Patriots and People, a blog that offers interesting historical perspectives (in fact, TDOY is listed under “Other Perspectives on Truth”—which may be the first and last time “TDOY” and “truth” are used in the same sentence) scribbled down by one James Stripes. I was kind of taken aback to find my blog listed (particularly with that “truth” designation) because even though I’m flattered to be listed among such notables as Bats Left Throws Right and The Nation, I can’t help but think about the opening passage to former country artist Larry Gatlin’s song Midnight Choir (Mogen David) in which he comments that the Bible states “the truth shall make you free” and then remarks: “I’ve written what I consider to be the truth and it’s just made people madder than Hell.” (I was a huge fan of Gatlin's at one time, and though I still like to listen to his older stuff he unfortunately acquired a large coke monkey on his back, prompting him to go into rehab and then gospel music. He once compared former Florida Secretary of State/U.S. Congresswoman Katherine Harris to Rosa Parks, which made me curious if he was back on the cocaine train.)

Here is my blogroll policy, in a nutshell (and I’m adding this only because I’ve received an e-mail or two about it): if you list TDOY on your blogroll (and it may take me a while to discover it; I don’t check Technorati or my Stat Counter as often as I should) for whatever reason, I will gladly reciprocate in kind as long as it doesn’t contain any sort of material that would make my mother blush. (True story: I actually received an e-mail from someone who proposed a link exchange, saying that both our blogs dealt with movies…only to find out that the types of movies he reviewed were ones that would have given the Hays office a stroke. Let’s just say the people in these productions were in bed and did not have one foot on the floor…and let it go at that.) If I haven’t made this clear, allow me to adopt the policy of my fellow blogger Jon Swift: “I will add anyone to my blogroll who adds me to theirs, whether conservative, liberal, moderate, libertarian or Albigensian, with the exception of spam or porn blogs or anything else your mother would be embarrassed to read.”

TVShowsOnDVD.com announced the other day that even though My Three Sons: Series 1, Volume 1 is being released today the Season 1, Volume 2 set will soon follow, scheduled for January 20th. I had, of course, planned to purchase the first volume (available at Amazon for $26.99) but if I wait until January I can get both sets at DeepDiscount.com (aka “The House That Ivan Built”) for $52.55…which is a substantial savings in my book. Messrs. Lacey and Lambert are also trumpeting the good news that the Father Knows Best: Season 2 collection set for a November 11 release will contain the unedited episodes (according to Shout! Factory, “Due to overwhelming fan request, Sony agreed to dig deeper for Season Two, and came up with the longer versions for every episode”—not acknowledging, of course, that these same fans were clamoring for the non-syndication versions before Season 1 was released) which I am pleased as punch to hear. That’s all the news that is the news…good night…and good luck.


jayeramseysutter said...

with five thousand years of beautiful history from Moses to Sandy Koufax, you are damned right I am watching a lot of black and white television

Bobh said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but early indications (from the Home Theater Forum) indicate that there are music replacements on "My Three Sons" ala "The Fugitive" season 2, volume 1.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news

We don't shoot the messenger around here, old pal. Not since Blogger's new "messenger" policy, anyway.

but early indications (from the Home Theater Forum) indicate that there are music replacements on "My Three Sons" ala "The Fugitive" season 2, volume 1.

Guess what? CBS-Paramount just lost a sale!

Thanks for the heads up, Bob...

Anonymous said...

...and I just cancelled my pre-order of "Mannix" Season 2.

I don't trust 'em no more.

Bobh said...

Further update on MTS at HTF . . . post #128 of the MTS thread indicatees a mix of some episodes with original score intact and others that are completely rescored.

Go figure!


James Stripes said...

Thanks for the shout out and link. I promise that I haven't forgot my work in history even though the blogging at Patriots and Peoples has been somewhat anemic the past few months.

Anonymous said...

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