Friday, September 12, 2008

TV-on-DVD updates has put up a pair of announcements for two new DVD releases of some classic boomer shows; the first being the long-awaited sixth and final season of Daniel Boone. This release has been a long time coming; the fifth season of the popular 1964-70 adventure series was trotted out a year ago (August 2007) and apparently the hold-up on the sixth season had something to do with a shake-up in the company that owned the broadcast/DVD rights. Apparently, has Dan’l listed for a November 11, 2008 release…but this could be a trap.

From CBS DVD-Paramount, the second season of detective fave Mannix is headed for DVDdom in January (January 6th, to be precise). This is good news for Mike Connors fans (I guess the first set must have sold well) because CBS/Paramount will be releasing the second season in non-split-season form. I’m not yet certain as to whether or not I’ll take a flutter on this one; I bought the first season only because of its rarity and because I had seen a handful of first-season episodes on some public domain releases and thought they were very well done. A dissenting opinion on the inaugural season, however, can be found at Stephen Bowie’s Classic TV History Blog—I don’t agree with everything Stephen says (Mannix’s format in the second season changed to your typical gumshoe show, whereas the first season offered a little more panache) in this piece, but as always it’s well-written and researched. (Incidentally, Season 2 of Mannix is when the lovely Gail Fisher was added to the cast as Joe’s gal Friday, Peggy Fair.) also has press releases up for M Squad: The Complete Series (I gotta have this one) and The Donna Reed Show: The Complete First Season; I’m curious as to how far they’re going to go with the Reed box sets insomuch as the series ran for eight seasons (274 episodes) but many of the episodes weren’t included in the syndication package. According to the press release, the deal for this box set was arranged through Reed’s family so maybe they’re sitting on some shows we don’t know about. I will confess, though: I was never a huge fan of The Donna Reed Show but if I can help bring about additional releases I certainly wouldn’t object to buying this 4-DVD set when it comes out on October 28th (which, incidentally, marks the 50th anniversary of the sitcom's debut).

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